Gaming Quotes – These are the best!

(Carsten) demanded yesterday and today already there. We have now put together a Top 25 list created, with the really best and coolest quotes from video games. is everything here from current games to the absolute retro classics.

Gaming Quotes - These are the best!

The list was to create real hard work because you have submitted really a lot of suggestions that were all smile for. But as is the case with TOP lists, you have to opt for a handful of other titles and then unfortunately fall by the wayside.

That's why you'll find on the following pages only a selection of your suggestions &# 8211; the complete list of all the proposals, however, you will find in the Related links &# 8211; just look in the comments.

But now comes&# 8217; s going on &# 8211; Below is the really coolest gaming quotes!

The Witcher:

&# 8220; Your mother sucks cocks dwarf!&# 8221;

&# 8220; we want &# 8216; disappear sick&8217; play?&# 8221;

&# 8220; itch my eggs!&# 8221;

&# 8220; You're big and ugly!&# 8221;



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