Boom Beach on PC online play on both Windows and Mac

Boom Beach is an extremely popular simulation and strategy game for Android. We show you the following guide on how you can also use the PC app to play online on Windows or Mac.

14153Boom Beach Android Official Launch Trailer

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Boom Beach on the PC play with Android emulator

First of all, a official download or a program for Windows or MacOS, there is not Boom Beach. However, you can use the Android app of the building game with a workaround, even under these operating systems.

For that we need an Android emulator. With this, we can simulate an Android tablet, where you can not only use Boom Beach, but almost every other app on your own PC &# 8211; completely comfortable with mouse and keyboard. The best experiences we have had with the program Andy. However, there are alternatives like BlueStacks. The emulators are available for free, so there are no additional costs.

Instructions for Windows and Mac

To gamble Boom Beach for PC and Mac, it does the following:

  1. Invite you Andy (or optionally another Android emulator) to your PC.
  2. Installed the Android emulator.
  3. Andy starts and logs you a with your Google data. Andy now simulates a full-fledged Android tablet.
  4. Opens the Play Store.
  5. Searches for Boom Beach or any other apps that you want like to install. Some apps are preinstalled with Andy.
  6. Starts Boom Beach in the emulator and logs you a with your account information.
  7. Already you can continue to build buildings and armies &# 8211; namely online on your PC.


Of course, your PC must be online so that you can actually play Boom Beach, otherwise the virtual tablet can not connect to the boom-Beach-servers namely.

Gallery Boom Beach

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  • (Figure 5.5):

If you still need more detailed guidance for Andy, you can look in on this article: Andy - How are you doing out of your PC an Android tablet. More information on using BlueStacks can be found here: Set up BlueStacks &# 8211; use Android apps on the PC.

In addition to Boom Beach, incidentally, is Clash of Clans of the first big hit of the developer Supercell.

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