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Converters, data backup, updates &# 8211; The Samsung Kies download is a multifunctional software for users of Samsung smartphones and regulates when connecting a device to the computer to communicate.

Connect the Samsung smartphone with USB cable to the computer, ready &# 8211; even the transfer of multimedia files can begin. First, however, should users of mobile devices to Samsung free download of Samsung Kies installed, which ensures a smooth exchange of data between smartphone and PC.

Ways to Use Your Samsung Kies Download

The Samsung Kies download allows users of Samsung smartphones to synchronize its data with the PC. So addresses, calendar items, contacts, or images can be easily stored on the computer and called up again. Even text messages can be displayed and saved on the hard disk directly via Samsung Kies. Using the tools can be videos and pictures also not only transmit, and display the appropriate player, but to edit them later. Not least, Outlook, Google or Yahoo accounts can be synchronized with the phone a few mouse clicks.

Samsung Kies

Operation and other features of the Samsung Kies Download

The transfer of data between Samsung smartphone and PC with Samsung Kies Download happens drag & Drop, conversion into corresponding right format is automatically selected by Samsung Kies. In the case of an existing Internet connection updates appear to individual firmware additionally. These can be downloaded and installed on the smartphone. So of smartphone owners is always on the cutting edge of things. Furthermore, you can access with Samsung Kies on the Samsung App Store.

With Kies air is a free alternative also available that provides the same options as Samsung Kies, but it can be used wirelessly via WLAN.

In the GIGA software Telecommunications category you can download you another useful software around the smartphone. Apps you will find in the category Mobile. In the article Samsung Kies: Alternatives to sync learn it, what programs are you next to Samsung Kies yet for synchronization of Android smartphone and PC.

Note: The here offered for download version 2 of Samsung Kies is for Android versions from 4.2.2 and lower, users of newer editions of the mobile operating system rely on Samsung Kies third

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