PayPal: Transaction Code Search & amp; check

With PayPal, you can quickly and easily make over the Internet payments. Each payment is given a unique transaction code. This number and letter combinations receiver and sender of a payment can identify the corresponding money transfer.

As a rule, the payment ID is not required. Sometimes a buyer wants, however, receive the code for faster allocation. In particular wholesalers who received numerous PayPal payments every day can find payments easier by the transaction code. Even with problems in part, it must be mentioned. Find out here how you can find the PayPal transaction code.

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Search Transaction Code: PayPal & Find

So you can find the code for the payment or output at PayPal:

  1. Login you one at PayPal. For security reasons, you should the login directly on the PayPal site and not from links from a mail etc. carry out.
  2. Controls on the top right "My PayPal" on.
  3. You can now find an overview of all the payments made and received via PayPal. To get details displayed, click the appropriate payment.
  4. bottom left, you can now find the PayPal transaction code

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The transaction code also found on the mail that you get sent to PayPal after receiving the debit or payment.

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PayPal: Check a transaction code

In addition, you can also check which transaction inserted behind a particular transaction code:

transaction-code-examine paypal

  1. On the summary page of your incoming and outgoing payments you scroll all the way down to "Show All".
  2. you can specifically search for transactions in the new window. To check which puts payments behind a transaction code, this just give into the search window.
  3. By clicking on the magnifying glass you get below the recipient or sender of the payment after the code.
  4. Click her for the result, there are other payment information.


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