Fritz box: Enable Telnet – Instructions

If you want to enable telnet in the Fritz box, which is still working with older firmware versions. We tell you how this works and why AVM has turned off the feature in new models.

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No manufacturer support at Fritz boxes with activated Telnet

If you have enabled on the Fritz box the Telnet service, gives the router manufacturer AVM no support more:

  • From FRITZ! OS 6.25 is no longer officially supported Telnet and can also not enable readily.
  • Reason is the lack of security mechanisms of the old network protocol Telnet.
  • For example, it transmits passwords in plain text, so unencrypted and visible to anyone who "listens".

Although your Fritz box usually works continue without restrictions, then you see but in the user interface, the message "The manufacturer did not support changes".

Fritz: This message may appear if Telnet is enabled.Fritz: This message may appear if Telnet is enabled.

According to AVM, the notice can be removed only if the Fritz box with a recovery program reset. The Fritz box but is reset to factory settings.

  • Windows 10 & 7: Enable Telnet, Port & commands

Fritz: enable telnet

In previous versions FritzOS to Telnet was simply activate by had chosen the following codes on the connected phone:

# 96 * 7 *telnet
# 96 * 8 *telnet

So that one remembers the code simpler, you can do the following:

  1. Log you into user interface the Fritz box.
  2. navigates to Telephony, phonebook and click on the button new entry.
  3. As a phone number you give # 96 * 7 and as the name for example telnet. confirmed OK.
  4. changes to Telephony, calls and sets the tab Phone dialer in front use Phone dialer a check mark. confirmed Take.
  5. The activation of the dialer you have to confirm with your phone now by displayed code.
  6. Click then in the phone book of the Fritz box to the applied number - in our example, "telnet" - and confirmed the message by OK, To enable Telnet.

also the command to disable the phone book can be stored on the same way.


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