Dry Cell: How to do it right (infographic)

Some current smartphones are protected against water, but this is the exception. If your phone is not protected but again falls into the water, you should consider the following steps to dry it properly and thus may be saved.

Dry Cell: How to do it right (infographic)

Apparently there are some people who leave their phone falls into the toilet. But also on other (and "more pleasant") ways the device can be wet. For example, by very heavy rain, in the pool, etc. Of course, the mobile phone should be dried immediately, while there are, however, aware of certain things.

Dry Cell: How to do it right

A fallen into Wassser smartphone does not have to be the same broken. Although the probability is given, but who knows the emergency measures, has a good chance to save his cell phone.

The following infographic shows in nine steps, which should just have done, and note when the smartphone has entered the dangerous waters. So impressed you the steps good one. For simplicity, we have the individual points below the graph also translated again.

Wet Cell Phone? here

  1. Take the phone instantly from the liquid
  2. Not pressing any button
  3. Remove the battery from the device, if possible
  4. Remove the cover and all potentially connected peripheral devices
  5. Remove the SIM card and inserted microSD card
  6. Let the ports and open covers
  7. Dries everything with a towel
  8. Sets euere phone in a bowl of uncooked rice
  9. Tries after 24-48 hours, turn on your phone, for now it should be dry.

Cell dry: Other Useful Tips

  • drying Do not try your phone with a hair dryer because the heat can cause nadern problems and damage.
  • Should you can not remove it from the device's battery, trying carefully to check if the device is still on. If so, turns it off.
  • To avoid consequential damage caused by corrosion of the visit could pay off in a mobile phone repair shop (depending on the value of the unit).
  • not trying to build your mobile phone / smartphone apart because their loses your warranty claim.

Product Image: Sony


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