WhatsApp: Emojis, Text & amp; Inserting drawings to photos and videos – How it works

Who takes WhatsApp a photo or video, you can also write to text or by hand, draw to highlight things. In addition, you can also emoji and smileys &# 8220; it stick&# 8221; use or bubbles, so the whole thing looks funny.

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Finally you can write on photos or videos quickly notes or drawings in WhatsApp. A function for which you had to install an additional extra-app otherwise. By the way, everyone in threema now also:

  • WhatsApp: filter on photos & apply videos
  • Threema: smileys, add stickers and text in pictures

WhatsApp: In Photos & Write video text and draw

To write to WhatsApp to photos or videos or to subscribe, you go as follows:

  1. Opens WhatsApp.
  2. Opens a chat with the contact that want to send her the photo or video.
  3. Now type in the bottom next to the Send-arrow on the camera icon.
  4. Power now by her typed a photo and release the shutter button down.
  5. Hold the shutter button longer to create a video.

    WhatsApp: Here you can write on photos and videos, draw or add emoji.WhatsApp: Here you can write on photos and videos, draw or add emoji.

  6. After recording, you can see the photo / video and top right you several tools for editing are displayed:
    • Crop: Cuts edges from away or only a certain section.
    • Smiley: Adds from a selection different emoji, and other symbols such as balloons one.
    • Text: Writes text to the photo / video.
    • Pen: Draw your finger on the image / video.
  7. If you have a tool like pen or text selected, you can on the right side of a controller, select the color. The text you can also subsequently change this; while not drawing.
  8. Moreover, their written text or emoji can still be moved immediately after placement to the right place.
  9. If you've missed you once, you can click on the arrow on the far left of the toolbar to make your steps reversed.
  10. Optionally you can add below a caption as usual.
  11. When you're done, you typed at the bottom of the Send icon.

For videos, the inserted elements such as font, lines, or smileys are static. This means they do not move over image or tracken certain objects. That might be too much to ask for the Messenger app. In addition, we could not process the photos we have added our gallery. Perhaps this feature will be filed later.

Tip: make Emoji itself - how does that work?

Start Photogallery(5 pictures)recall WhatsApp message: Instructions

WhatsApp: Add emoji and smiley faces on pictures or videos

If you tap on the smiley tool in the above instructions, you can from many different smileys Select emoji, and other symbols. Of course you can also insert several symbols simultaneously. Also found here speech and thought bubbles. If you want to use such to put a man on the screen the words in his mouth, remember only to place the balloon and then to use the text tool.

WhatsApp: All Emoji smileys and the camera.WhatsApp: All Emoji smileys and the camera.

These are the categories of WhatsApp emoji, which can beautify her your photos

  • Speech and thought bubbles
  • People
  • smileys
  • gestures
  • Spirits and fantasy creatures
  • House and Underwater Animals
  • plants
  • Sun, moon and stars
  • Eating, drinking and vegetables
  • Sports
  • heart
  • Warning and exclamation symbols
  • Others

Read here how you can insert into Captions in other programs. Also you learn here is how you get to more smileys: WhatsApp: More smileys with extensions &# 8211; That's how it's done.

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