Windows 10: Lenovo recommends uninstalling own software

Lenovo is noticed in the past negatively with the Windows systems pre-installed software and now advises officially to uninstall the Accelerator own app, which comes pre-installed on many Windows 10 systems of the Chinese company.

Windows 10: Lenovo recommends uninstalling own software

Lenovo Accelerator app should urgently be uninstalled

Of manufacturers pre-installed software rightly has a bad reputation and is often referred to as unnecessary bloatware. Some programs slow down the systems not only, but also create vulnerabilities that can be relatively easily exploited by attackers. In the latest case, Lenovo pulls the ripcord and now simply recommends uninstalling the Accelerator app that comes preinstalled on many Lenovo PCs, tablets and desktops. Making it easy not manage well to make sure the software or the work wants to spare.

Lenovo Accelerator app is really only responsible to ensure a faster startup of the other Lenovo apps. but the app itself queries at regular intervals to see if new updates are available. In the case but communication is done without encryption, allowing a so-called man-in-the-middle attack. An attacker could interpose, since there is neither encryption nor an authentication key. As malware could recorded and the system being attacked. The fault lies but probably not directly on the app itself, but on non-secure server. Uninstalled to the application, the security problem to be solved.

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What Lenovo device are affected?

There are actually affected a variety of Lenovo devices. Newer devices that are only a few months on the market that are delivered with the Accelerator app. If you own a Lenovo product with Windows 10, you should look into each case whether the corresponding program is pre-installed and uninstall it in any case. How this works in Windows 10, we show you the video below, or in the article: Windows 10, 7, 8: uninstall programs - Here&# 8217; s

video | Windows 10: Uninstall programs - Manual

194569Windows 10: Uninstall programs - Manual

A complete list of all affected Lenovo products can be found on the special page of the manufacturer.

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