Call of Duty – Infinite Warfare: Low sales in the US

Having already the sales of Call of Duty: Warfare Infinite were in the UK in the basement, it now looks no better in the United States. There, the previous Black Ops 3 has also sold significantly better than the new part of the Call of Duty series.

15996Call of Duty: Warfare in the test Infinite

Call of Duty: Warfare Infinite has no simple stand with the players. In the run there have been many dislikes and boos from the community, as the first trailer was shown for the game. The whole thing has not improved, as the great competitor with Battlefield 1 came on the scene and inspired many gamers.

Infinite Warfare in the test: the future is the past*

Infinite Warfare reflected: And now this feeling could also be in the sales of Call of Duty. After the numbers in the UK were already significantly lower than in its predecessor Black Ops 3, this is now becoming apparent in the United States. The CNBC reported that Infinite Warfare was only half sold about as often as not the direct predecessor.

However, this is about the retail versions of Call of Duty: Warfare Infinite acquired by the players in the store. Digital purchases are ever recover in recent years on the way up, are not counted. Therefore, it is hard to have a precise number of sales of Call of Duty: to name Infinite Warfare. However, the gloomy impression holds since the release continued. we hope that official sales figures soon witness the opposite.

Source: CNBC


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