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The games platform Steam is both a curse and a blessing for all gamers. Although it has on Steam access to a wide range of games and can buy them directly through Steam and download, but now uses much of the games also predicted that the use of steam during the game must be activated.

Steam must be running to play

So it can happen that you would eagerly anticipating the next game session starts, the test is, however, quickly interrupted and the error message appears on the screen: "Fatal error: Steam must be running to play.", Even if the steam was successful Download and the application is already activated.

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Steam must be running to play - What can you do?

Before troubleshooting, you should check if the computer is connected to the Internet and the use of Steam is actually opened. If the error occurs for the first time, a simple restart of Steam, or the computer can ensure that the error message "Steam must be running to play" no longer appears. In a further step is first uninstalled Steam completely from the hard drive to set it up again on the computer. One should note, to ensure the "SteamApps" in the Steam directory folder. Here are all installed game files to the library. When you reinstall one should choose the proposed Steam path to avoid mistakes. Who wants to handle an extensive uninstallation can also try first, the file "ClientRegistry.blob" remove from the installation folder of Steam and restart Steam.

Steam must be running to play
We get the error message &# 8220; Steam must be running to play&# 8221 ;, should you delete the file from the ClientRegistry.blob Steam directory

Steam must be running to play - fix bugs

Also Settings in the Firewall and Virenscanner may be responsible for ensuring that Steam is indeed running on the computer, but can not communicate with the Steam servers. In this case, one also gets the message "Steam must be running to play."

Should it not be possible despite all made attempts at a solution to activate a game and reinstall the game, and the Steam client does not help with the error message "Steam must be running to play" bring, remains one nor the way directly to the to contact Steam Support.

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