Pokemon GO: Catch bonus for medals and easier Catch

A new feature in Pokémon GO you will be catching strong and rare Pokémon through a bonus facilitates. Especially if you have already caught many little monsters, you can benefit from it. Furthermore, the individual medals given more importance in the game and lead intended to cheer your hunting pleasure something. As these fishing bonus works, we show you on this page.

Even at high levels in Pokémon GO unfortunately you will often encounter a Pidgey-RATTATA-Pidgey-Drowzee-RATTATA rotation and ask you if you want to be because already been everything. Since you have already caught at least 500 Pokémon and hatched 30 Pidgey while variety is rather an exception. The new fishing bonus in Pokémon GO to make especially these rare encounters easier for fewer players bite the smartphone after a too strong, rare Pokémon is ausgebüxst again.

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Pokemon GO: New Fang Bonus explained &# 8211; So you catch rare Pokémon easier

In general, the new mechanics in Pokémon GO increases your chance a rare Pokémon, or to catch one with a high WP value. This is made possible by the medals that have been around for a while in the game. Behind names like Hothead, gardener or Psycho stuck success which you need catching Pokémon of a certain type for. Catch her as enough Poison Pokémon get her the medal punk. The number of required Pokémon increases with each level of the coin. During the first stage nor in 10 Pokémon is, you need for the next stage already 50 little monsters.

The catch bonus in the summary:

  • By medals you get a catch bonus to individual Pokémon types
  • The higher the level of the coin, the higher your bonus Fang
  • Your boosts the level of the coin by you catch more Pokémon one type.
Catch bonus for Pokemon GoEven the 1000th Pidgey brings you a catch bonus

A high-level medals you can then rare Pokémon with a high WP value much easier to catch and missed no chance of a new entry in your Pokédex. Exactly when the new fishing mechanism is integrated into the game, is not yet published.

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