Raspberry Pi shutdown and power off – Here’s how

You can shut down your Raspberry Pi and off even by command, not just by her simply pulls the plug. What you have to beware of and how you can shut down the Raspberry Pi, we show you the following guide.

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The Raspberry Pi is a practical mini-computer with a variety of uses &# 8211; among other things, you can the on-board computer as an emulator or media center setup or install a camera with it. Unlike traditional computers Raspberry Pi but does not have a single or switch. To start up the device is simply connected to the power when you eliminate it, it simply pulls the plug again. Therefore, the question always comes back to: Can you shut down the Raspberry Pi and then turn off?

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Raspberry Pi shut down - really necessary?

In fact, it is possible to Raspberry Pi shut down by means of command. Even if you turn off the Raspberry Pi by her pulling the plug, but something can happen only in very few cases. If you just transmits data to the SD card of the device and during which pulls the plug, it can happen in exceptional cases, namely that the SD card is damaged, and only after a complete reformatting can be used again. but Other problems with the hardware through the Steckerziehen are virtually impossible.

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Raspberry Pi shutdown and power off - Here's how

Raspberry Pi shut down and off &# 8211; is how it works

In most Linux distributions, as well as the optimized for Raspberry Pi operating system Raspian, it is still possible to Pi gently shut down by command. Here you ride the system first fully down and then pulling the plug only. Consequently this you need a graphical user interface in which you can enter the command. The easiest way it works when you have the Pi via HDMI connected to a monitor or TV and a keyboard. Alternatively, you can but connect with the remote shell Putty from another computer via Telnet or SSH with the Raspberry Pi.

So you ride the Raspberry Pi down:

  1. Going on in your Raspberry Pi to the command line (the surface on which you Linux commands can be a keyboard).
  2. Give here following command: sudo shutdown -h 0
  3. Then, the Raspberry Pi shuts down.
  4. Now waits until the OK LED on the Raspberry Pi starts flashing. When the time comes, you can take the device from power by her moves as usual the plug.



If you want to only restart the operating system and not completely shut down, it instead uses the sudo shutdown -r command 0. Lest with us also and how you can use it as a NAS the Raspberry Pi. Elsewhere, we have also selected the best Raspberry Pi alternatives for you.

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