Which network uses PremiumSIM? Quality and network coverage

Which network uses PremiumSIM? Who is considering to buy one of the cheap monthly cancellable mobile tariffs PremiumSIM, possibly wondering if PremiumSIM uses the D1 network of Telekom, D2 Vodafone or O2 / E-Plus by Telefónica. In the guide you will find all interesting information for network coverage and quality.

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The wireless provider PremiumSIM made by Drillisch sells affordable, monthly cancellable mobile tariffs O2 network of Telefonica * &# 8211; accordingly looks the network coverage: PremiumSIM relies on the O2 mobile network of Telefónica. Concerned ye a PremiumSIM Allnet Flat *, are ye therefore currently traveling in the O2 network.

PremiumSIM Hotline Contact Customer ServicePremiumSIM uses the O2 network of Telefónica. Image: PremiumSIM*

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Which network uses PremiumSIM?

So purely from the coverage it makes no difference whether you complete a contract with O2 or PremiumSIM because PremiumSIM uses the in-house Telefónica network. The O2 network is the comparison of the German phone networks slightly behind the D1 network of Deutsche Telekom and is partially somewhat weaker than the D2 network of Vodafone. for example, in rural areas comes most often no connection. For you this means in concrete terms:

  • The network coverage (important for mobile telephony) GSM network is today with all providers in almost 100 percent: You can over Germany in the O2 network so phone very well.
  • Compared with Telekom may occur more often disconnections tend however.
  • The difference of the networks is noticeable especially when browsing: In the city you have the PremiumSIM network usually a very good coverage and you can thanks to LTE rather quickly surf the smartphone on the Internet.
  • In the country it looks with the mobile Internet not look so good. Here Vodafone and Telekom perform better in general.
  • While we're on the subject of LTE are: The Allnet Flat rates of PremiumSIM feature LTE and allow you faster surfing on the Internet. In some regions it may Telefónica the LTE network (which uses PremiumSIM), however, still come to connection problems.

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Network coverage and quality of PremiumSIM

In the above statements on the O2 network is general knowledge that have been repeatedly confirmed by several sources. Still, it may happen that you significantly better ride at your residence with PremiumSIM, as the telecom or Vodafone network. In the coverage many different factors play a role &# 8211; therefore it is difficult to make general statements that apply to every case and for every user.

PremiumSIM Hotline Product ImageImage: Opolja

In the case of PremiumSIM but that is not necessarily an absolute exclusion criterion, since you can terminate the tariffs per month *. If the coverage of PremiumSIM with you so actually should be miserable, you can simply cancel your cell phone contract and looking for a new provider instead of Allnet flat rate. that does not change the benefits of PremiumSIM (LTE-speed, low rates). Therefore, we can recommend in this case with a clear conscience, PremiumSIM just try it and see if it fits for a person.


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