“Contact list is updated”: Problem of Android update

If you have a Samsung Galaxy S5 or other Android smartphone that has just been updated to Lollipop, can determine in some cases failure of the Product. For a problem that occurs frequently, the contacts can no longer be called. On the screen is permanent, the message "contact list will be updated" to read. Here you learn what to do about the problem.

"Contact list is updated": Problem of Android update

Although next to the message, the icon is displayed showing a charging process but frequently updating the contact list is not complete, even after hours. Provide it with the error in your Android smartphone firm, we have some suggestions for you. To avoid a loss of contacts, you should back up the Address Book contacts on a regular basis. The instructions for this can be found in the following video:

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"Contact list is updated": This can be done

A detailed failure solution there is unfortunately not. Therefore, you must take their different ways to solve the problem. Often it helps just a few minutes to wait for the update of the list is complete, or restart the device.

  • Was strained your patience too long, clears the cache of the People app.
  • Controls the settings for this Android device and open the application manager. Here you can view "All" apps and searches for the entry for the "Contacts" app. Selects here "Force Stop" and "cache". Starts the Android smartphone and open the Contacts app.
  • The contacts with the Google Account sync, it often helps to separate the Google account first by phone and then re-connect it.

"Contact list is updated": Problem of Android update

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"Contact list is updated": Fix for Android update

If the problem of the ways described above can not be solved, performs a hard reset on your Android device. Note that through this adjustment settings and apps will be deleted, but can be solved technical problems.

  • The way how to perform a hard rest on the Android device differs from manufacturer to manufacturer.
  • For Samsung Galaxy smartphones when starting the equipment the volume button down and the home and power button must be pressed simultaneously.
  • When HTC and many other devices to hold the power and home button pressed after switching to bring up the appropriate menu for the hard reset is sufficient.
  • Alternatively, one can be reset via the Settings app, the device also.


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