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In Windows 10 you can use time (formerly &# 8220; Active Hours&# 8221; set), installed 10 automatic updates in Windows. We tell you where to find the usage time setting.

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The usage time (Active-hours) in Windows 10 are handy especially during working on the PC. Because the operating system will not bother you in this time period with update messages or reboots. They have nothing to do with the rest, to rest or sleep mode:

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Windows 10: Use time - What is it?

In Windows 10, there is a button called usage time in the update settings, in English it is called Active-hours. When enabled, the installation of automatic updates in the specified times is prevented. This is not running Windows 10, for example, just while working down or restarts.

Here you sets the usage time in which Windows 10 does not bother with updates.Here you adjusts the time of use, 10 not annoying in Windows with updates.

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Windows 10: Set the time of use (Active Hours)

At 10 the usage time in Windows (Active Hours) set, you make the following:

  1. Presses the key combination Windows + i to open the settings.
  2. Click on the Update button and security.
  3. Selects the left menu item within Windows Update.

    Windows 10: Click on the logo usage time to adjust the rest.Windows 10: Click on the logo usage time to adjust the rest.

  4. Right click on the logo usage time. An overlay opens.
  5. Presents here the start and end time. Click Save.

Windows 10 is no longer necessary to you within the set time to start the operating system or the like.

Note: Under certain circumstances, the setting usage time you will not be displayed. She is 10 Insider Build is avilable Windows 14,316th You may be able to try out with the Insider program or wait until the update for regular Windows systems will be installed later with an update:

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