What is a Hashtag: sense, meaning and application

"What is a Hashtag?", This question will have probably asked everyone before, which operates on a social network such as Facebook, Twitter or Google+. Had the words behind the fence sign long time a niche, they can hardly be imagined without the Internet world today. But how to use them? How they work exactly and what is the meaning behind them? We clear on the importance of hashtags.

83350What is a Hashtag?

So-called hashtags, which are words or strings preceded by pound sign (#) are now ubiquitous in social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, or Google+ and almost indispensable. Hashtags were incidentally known by the microblogging service Twitter, but now they are available on other social networks. On the pictures networks Instagram and Pinterest is Hashtags can also be used. But what, then, is a hashtag and what is the significance? Hashtags were introduced in August 2007 by Chris Messina, a lawyer and Internet activist.

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What is a Hashtag: Meaning and Definition

"Hashtag" is an English word combination of the two terms "hash" and "tag" where it concerns with hash for the English term for the pound sign (#) and is day for a slogan. A hashtag is therefore quite simply one of the pound symbol highlighted word, which is a post or Tweet a thematic assignment. This form of indexing can stand within the body copy as well as a single word.

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Tip: What are tags? Unlike the hashtag

Using a hashtag in a tweet or a post on Facebook or Google+, as is made this contribution to the key word search available and can be found accordingly, when searching for the term. Arise on hashtags such #GIGA. On twitter can be very easily determined which Twitter-themed community is talking about hashtags. The microblogging service has to specially created the tab "trends" which can be filtered world, but also regionally. So get explosive issues very quickly assigned to a tweet, which is usually determined by the Twitter community. For example, to mention here the #Bendgate, which was about the flexibility of the new iPhone. 6 But TV priorities, such as "I'm a Celebrity - Get Me Out of Here!" Or "Germany&# 8217; s Next Top Model "get the hashtag #ibes, or #gmnt.

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Hashtags: on Facebook rather unpopular

If you click on such a hashtag, you get into a rule on the Topic Overview, which is arranged chronologically and thus as a timeline of individuals or pages. In such a timeline all posts and tweets can be found, which were also tagged with the hashtag. So people can find simple posts about topics that interest them. Are Hashtags on Twitter very popular and can quickly identify popular topics, they are also used on Google+. Meanwhile, these can also be used on Facebook, but the popularity is there not very big and the added value in the search for a hashtag therefore not particularly large. Quite different is the situation in the picture service Instagram by Facebook: Also here will be used for to categorize images and to show interested parties with "#instafood" food contributions, with "#selfie" self-portraits "and with" sunrise "sunrises as on twitter hashtags.

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How do I use hashtags?

To use a hashtag, you have only provided the desired keyword with a diamond. An example would be "#Deutschland". Each network will recognize the keyword based on the diamond and activate it in the published report as linking. Should not only be an abbreviation of the hashtag, but consists of several words, you, the words separated by underscores (_) so that the phrase remains readable. When using hashtags from major events or controversial topics, it is still considered to use the most used hashtag. If you want, for example, about the current "Germany&# 8217; s Next Top Model "season post and this has the hashtag" # gmnt16 "should give even this hashtag and not" # germanys_next_topmodel_16 "be used. The official hashtag is now prescribed by many broadcasters and-discharging media to facilitate indexing.

Hashtags: Even for their own categorization of meaning

With Hashtags not only is it possible to categorize major events and TV events, but also assign private collections of tweets, photos, and other postings to a topic. Want, for example, browse your interests postings your Twitter followers, you can this example provided "#nutzername_isst" with your own hashtag like. Another advantage of these keywords, that you present your own contributions to browse in hindsight and can create a well categorized archive with a few hand grasping.

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