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Who lives in Berlin and the surrounding area, can the hour with a BVG SUBSCRIPTION public transport, for days and weeks to savor. If you no longer lives in Berlin, have gained you a car or just want to not so often take the subway and train and by bus in Berlin, should terminate their BVG your subscription.

In order for the termination of the BVG subscriptions quickly and smoothly goes from equip, you will find the conditions that notice and a template for the notice by the BVG in our guide.

BVG subscription notice: notice

As with nearly all contracts, the notice by the SNB must be in writing.

  • the notice is six weeks.
  • Remains the termination, the BVG subscription automatically renewed for another 12 months.
  • After the termination of the ticket will be blocked in the form of the smart card. At the same time it must be returned within ten days after the end of the contract to the BVG. If this period is exceeded, a fee of 10 € will be charged.
  • In some cases, an extraordinary notice is possible. Here, the chip Tickets must be issued simultaneously with the termination.
  • Extraordinary notices are monthly possible.

BVG Cancel Membership: Address, submission and deadline

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BVG Cancel Membership: Patterns and Templates

The contact details for the BVG subscription cancellation:

  • Berlin Transport (BVG)
    Holzmarktstraße 15-17
    10179 Berlin
  • Phone: 030-19449
  • Fax: 030-256 49 256
  • Mail: [email protected]

With the BVG termination you have to your BVG subscription number and customer number if necessary specify, so the contract end your contract can be assigned. In addition, should such mention when applying for the BVG subscriptions in the notice their name and surname. A template for the BVG termination can be found here:

ZIP / City

Berlin Transport (BVG)
Z.H. Customer FVS-V11 (43311)
10096 Berlin

Subject. Cancel my subscription with the customer number XYZ

Dear Sir or Madam,

I hereby give notice in due time my BVG subscription as soon as possible. Please confirm in writing the receipt of this notice and let me know from the termination date with. At the same time I revoke the present debit.
Subscription details: Name
Contract / customer number

Best regards,



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