What does the abbreviation PA?

As so often with very short abbreviations, the pa abbreviation has several meanings. You can find them in the financial world, but in a different notation in physics, chemistry, medicine and even on stage.

&# 8220; turning the PA full on!&# 8221 ;, you can hear a chord. In that case, the acronym for Power Amplifier is (the amplifier) ​​meant by PA - and it would have THE PA hot. The two letters PA are an abbreviation for many things. We explain to you the most important.

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The PA abbreviation and its various meanings

In the abbreviation PA, it depends on the spelling.

  • PA as license plate represents the Passau.
  • In the USA is PA stands for the Pennsylvania State.
  • In addition, the letters stand .pa the Internet as a top-level domain for the Panama.

Most commonly, you will this shortcut PA per annum in the spelling probably encounter in loans or salary negotiations. This is about what you per year get or have to pay as interest.

P.A. in this case the short for

  • per annum,
  • per year or
  • per annum.

This Latin or Italian words mean exactly per year and are used internationally.

pa Cut-interestIn the abbreviation PA is mostly about annual amounts

Here is a small list of PA abbreviations and their meanings:

P.A.financial worldP.A. (With points after each letter) is certainly the most important and most common abbreviation. The letters are written in lower case and stand for the Latin words per annum or. per year. That means something like per year and is e.g. explain how high lending rates or salaries per year.
PaPhysics, meteorologyThe physical unit Pascal is abbreviated Pa. Thus pressure is measured, or about sound pressure or air pressure. Reif end jerk is measured in kilopascals, air pressure in hectopascal.
PachemistryPa is the abbreviation for the chemical element protactinium.
PAmedicineSometimes the pulmonary artery, the pulmonary artery is abbreviated in medicine with PA.
PAlicense platePassau
PAUS governmentPennsylvania
PAchemistryAbbreviation for polyamide
PAGeography, InternetPA stands as UN abbreviation for the country Panama and is also the top-level domain.

There are noc h more meanings for the PA abbreviation. Most but used only within a small Fachgebietest. PA can be used for post office stand, but also for Patent Office. It is also Patent application used. More often, it is used in the name of personnel department.

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