Onecoin buy: Is the new cryptocurrency legitimate?

Onecoin buy: Is the new cryptocurrency legitimate?

OneCoin the new virtual currency that experienced as a successor to the Bitcoins in Momen an enormous hype calls. On the Internet, OneCoins are touted as a promising investment, but consumer advocates warn of a Ponzi scheme, no one benefits at the end except the inventors of OneCoins. So what is behind the OneCoins? And is the new cryptocurrency legitimate? In this guide we clarify.Onecoin bannerOn the Internet are being called &# 8220; OneCoins&# 8221; hotly debated &# 8211; the virtual currency is seen as the successor to the 2009 first presented and Bitcoins to replace other crypto currencies. On its own website the OneCoins be full-bodied than &# 8220; a unique opportunity&# 8221; and as &# 8220; Revolution of the digital economy&# 8221; touted. But can this really be trusted? And how the OneCoins actually work exactly? In the following article we will give you an overview of the phenomenon OneCoin.explains digital currencies the example of BitcoinsCrypto currencies (Bitcoin here) exist only as digital files and function without central regulation authority. Source:

OneCoin course and Mining, payout &# 8211; so the new cryptocurrency works

Crypto currencies for several years on everyone's lips: Digital Currencies allow cashless payments without a central regulatory authority (for example, a state central bank) &# 8211; the currency is backed by compute-intensive cryptographic encryption mechanisms &# 8211; thus intended to ensure that no one can deceive and manipulate their own digital assets, also remains the identity of users due to decentralized data storage in the dark. There are now about 3,000 different crypto currencies &# 8211; however, have only a very few can enforce it. The best-known crypto currency Bitcoin &# 8211; recently but there is a currency that makes the Internet a stir &# 8211; the OneCoins.Onecoin dealsOn its Web site the OneCoins are sold at salted prices. Source: OneCoinThe OneCoins basically works similar to other crypto currencies: the currency is to act as an alternative to conventional money &# 8211; because OneCoin in itself has no intrinsic value (intrinsic value), users have to believe in the value of the new currency, ie trust that you will receive for the OneCoins real value in the real world with other users of the currency. To prevent inflation, there is a limit on the total amount of issued OneCoins, also may be obtained by the so-called &# 8220; Mining&# 8221; (Prospecting) earn virtual coins &# 8211; similar to Bitcoin mining. There are also in the OneCoins but some key differences from other crypto currencies &# 8211; and it is here where the questions ignite.Onecoin Product Image
  • While other crypto currencies are fully managed by local units and base-democratic decisions of all members, is in the OneCoins a single company behind the currency.
  • The OneCoins are therefore not open source &# 8211; the algorithm for calculating the OneCoins off limits to everyone and also the mining only runs on the servers of the operator company.
  • So far the OneCoins &# 8211; Unlike other virtual currencies &# 8211; also traded only on the company's stock exchanges.
  • Although OneCoin promises that this will change as soon as 80% of all OneCoins created &# 8211; However, there is no guarantee and you just have to trust the company.
  • To spread the OneCoins the company uses the so-called &# 8220, network marketing&# 8221; or. &# 8220; Multi-Level Marketing&# 8221; (MLM).This is a kind of snowball system: users of OneCoins obtain additional mining permits if they recruit new members.
  • So the more people you convinced of the benefits of OneCoin, the more money you can earn by mining.
Not least because of this last point, many consumer advocates warn against investing in the OneCoins: Each of promoting OneCoin has concrete financial self-interest in mind &# 8211; the OneCoin bubble should burst at some point or the currency ultimately not succeed, you may have a lot of money invested for nothing and is left with nothing at the end.OneCoin founderDr. Ruja Ignatova, the inventor of OneCoins: Unlike other crypto currencies OneCoins are managed by a single company. Source:

Who is behind OneCoin?

Behind OneCoin even the company is OneCoin Ltd. based in Gibraltar. The sale runs over the resident in Bulgaria One Network Services Ltd. &# 8211; the bank with which it cooperates, the Georgian Capital Bank. The company was founded by Dr. Bulgarierin Ruja Ignatova &# 8211; the entrepreneur has been chosen according to its own information in their home country several times for business woman of the year, they also said to have worked for several years at the prestigious consulting firm McKinsey. Ignatova has a doctorate in Oxford and consistency in law and various other awards &# 8211; All thing is not quite clear whether these claims really true. The OneCoin founder shall example, already on the cover of the magazine &# 8220; Forbes&# 8221; have been &# 8211; in retrospect it turned out that this well-acted only a fictitious advertising interview.Onecoin baitConsumer advocates warn of the snowball system with the OneCoin lures potential customers. Source: Shutterstock

OneCoin-experiences: OneCoin really serious?

On the Internet, many websites and blogs that promote the OneCoins and extolling the virtues of the system found. Due to the above sales model, you should be extremely careful here though: Each of promoting OneCoin has it to push a vested financial interest in the virtual currency as it it is thus rewarded with mining licenses. This is therefore probably not to independent users without ulterior motives.Consumer advocates also warn of the OneCoins. &# 8220; Much indicates a snowball&# 8221; so Bettina Schrittwieser, head of the consumer protection at the Austrian Labor. &# 8220; According to our information, new entry must be promoted constantly to the initial investment - by the way in good old Euros - bring in again.&# 8221; To come, that exchange rates &# 8220; extremely unstable&# 8221; his strong and varied greatly. An investment can therefore in no case &# 8220; safe&# 8221; to be viewed as. On the subject:
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