Stardew Valley: Ancient Seeds & amp; Fruit farms – So you get more of it

One of the best crops in Stardew Valley are the &# 8220; Ancient Seeds&# 8221 ;. You can from the growing &# 8220; Ancient Fruit&# 8221; sell at high prices. More profit there when you come up in a keg &# 8220; Ancient Fruit Wine&# 8221; manufactures or in a Preserves Jar &# 8220; Ancient Fruit Jelly&# 8221 ;. How do you tell here is how you get more from the Ancient Seeds.

video | Stardew Valley - get more Ancient Seeds - Here&# 8217; s

24145Stardew Valley: get more Ancient Seeds - Here's

Stardew Valley: Ancient Seeds & Fruit farms - So you get more of it

At the beginning of Stardew Valley can be found in the mines quite early the Ancient Seeds. Donates one of them with Gunther at the museum. As thanks you'll get a recipe, how do you do seeds from the Ancient Seeds found that you can plant it. Ye craftet about your crafting menu.

About Ancient Seeds:

  • Ancient Seeds need 28 days to grow a plant that gives you a blue Ancient Fruit.
  • After that, every 8 days to grow a fruit.
  • So you should plant them in the spring, the Ancient Seeds as early as possible so that you can reap many Ancient Fruits over the summer and fall.

Important: Always keep at least one Ancient Fruit so that you can restore them in the Seed Maker new crops. For the Ancient Seeds be found very rarely elsewhere. Besides, if you have your Ancient Seeds planted, ensures that a Scarecrow (Scarecrow) is near and that you present your plants are not destroyed by mistake. 28 days is a long time; which will also be worthwhile.

Stardew Valley: For Ancient Fruit, Jelly and Wine you get a great deal of gold coins.Stardew Valley: For Ancient Fruit, Jelly and Wine you get very much money.

Tip: How can you still make money quickly, learn it here: Stardew Valley: earn quick money - Here&# 8217; s.

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Stardew Valley: Ancient Seed - Fruit, Jelly and Wine sell high (prices)

If you have collected Ancient Fruits, you can them in a Presevers jar (Jar) to Jelly (jam) process or in a keg (barrel) to Wine (wine). Here, you get the following prizes in the sale:

imageItempricePrice (Artisan profession)Manufactured by
Ancient FruitAncient Fruit825 g&# 8212;Ancient plant seeds
JellyAncient Fruit Jelly1550 g2325 gpreserves Jar
WineAncient Fruit Wine2250 g3375 gKeg

Tip: If it selects the profession (specialization) Artisan in farming tree at level 10, the Artisan Goods are 50% more value. How you get your profession subsequently changes, learn it here: Stardew Valley: Change profession / Skill - So you get a different specialization.

It is worthwhile to throw the Seed Maker and to get as many Ancient Seeds Crops as possible. If the Seed Maker too little seed yields, you can offer your game before also save and load later from the spot Stardew Valley: Save games folder & Manually save and load - Here&# 8217; s on location. What seeds are still very worthwhile, learn it in our guide: Stardew Valley: The plant seeds (Crops) with Many profit and their prices - table.

Ancient seeds bought from the Traveling Cart: Stardew Valley

Sometimes the Traveling Cart and Ancient Seeds has on offer that you can buy. You can find the wandering merchants southwest of your farm and east of Marnie&# 8217; s Ranch, shortly before the entrance to the Secret Woods. In the following video you can see the dealer when we go there by:

video | Stardew Valley: Hardwood farms in the Descret Woods - Here&# 8217; s

132420Stardew Valley: Hardwood farms in the Secret Woods - Here's

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