Samsung SideSync: A look at the Device Synchronization Service

In the course of my smart self-experiment with various Samsung devices I also have the opportunity to test a Ativ 8 laptop that comes inherently with the SideSync function. This allows a relatively simple synchronization between smartphone contents and the laptop. How exactly this works, I want you to show briefly.

Samsung SideSync: A look at the Device Synchronization Service

SideSync: Functions

What makes this SideSync at all? With this offer you have on the one hand the opportunity to display the screen of your phone on the computer (Phone Screen Sharing). In addition, you can thanks SideSync the keyboard and use the mouse of your computer to use of your smartphone (Keyboard / Mouse Sharing). So you can then, for example, (SMS, Whatsapp & Co.) can be obtained from your PC, you can games of your smartphone on the computer to play, move data between the two devices, and more. In addition, the service still offers an automatic backup feature of the smartphone data to the hard disk of the connected computer. How well this works, you can learn now.

SideSync: Installation

What you need:

  • SideSync for your Samsung mobile devices
  • Phone sharing for your Samsung mobile devices
  • SideSync for your computer (if it is not yet installed, SW results update on your Samsung computer off)
  • The app plugin: SEC v2.0 (for a wireless connection between the two devices)
  • USB debugging must be active

If you look in the Samsung App Store to the SideSync App to install on his smartphone, welcomes a once a pretty lousy evaluation of the application. 2 of 5 stars do not sound particularly promising. but the reason for this review lies in the fact that SideSync actually seems to work fine only between a Samsung smartphone and a Samsung computer, a note, unfortunately, does not list the Samsung in the description of the app.

but who is supporting SideSync in possession of a Galaxy S3, Galaxy S4 or other Samsung smartphones, might also want to use on other laptops the service. Fortunately, found this very useful instructions such as about Lars von all Samsung. So it should work then.

Gallery Samsung SideSync

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Once the app is installed on your phone and the computer, it can even go, at least with the keyboard / mouse sharing (how exactly that works with the installation, you learn in these simple step-by-step instructions). around the Phone Screen Sharing to use another app is still necessary that you have to install yourself from the Samsung App Store on your Samsung smartphone. Then the whole thing works but also finite. Good like it here that the transferred image is automatically displayed in landscape or in portrait mode on the computer screen.

the two devices can be connected after it is installed via a USB cable or via a wireless network when the two devices are in this. This, however, another app must be installed named Plugin: SEC v2.0, this takes you here .Your will in the course of setting up the SideSync also referred to.

If a USB cable is connected, can simultaneously also still the device charged and a backup of the data on your smartphone on your computer are created. All in all, very convenient features.

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My opinion:

After once worked through all the functions and the occasional update is installed (happens with Samsung devices so frequently), the smartphone can easily control means of the computer or data can be displayed from the smartphone to the computer ,

The Keyboard / mouse synchronization I think generally not very exciting, because I see little value here. While it is quite funny that you can easily write with SideSync SMS, WhatsApp messages and the like using the computer keyboard and can send directly connected devices, but more is which then either. And why I should use a mouse on the screen instead of my finger to navigate, is beyond me. If it here now have the option exist, data simply by using drag & draw drop from the smartphone to the computer, I would find the whole SideSync thing even more exciting.


Much more interesting I find the Phone Screen Sharing, So the reflection of smartphone content on the computer screen. For games that is only partly to use what is on the latency of transmission (for games like The Simpsons Springfield, where I remained still hanging, but that is just fine, since it here fast not to fast reactions and image change is that it quickly becomes unusable) in other games. But SideSync is to see about captured images on a larger screen definitely a good thing. All in all, I see the service but rather as a gimmick to, which you can try out, which is not really necessary in everyday practice and in times of cloud storage etc..

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