play PS4 games on tablet and smartphone remote play with Android

Who wants to continue playing its score in Watchdogs or wants to continue its progress in a season in FIFA 15, no longer needs at home sitting in the living room watching TV. At IFA Sony Remote Play has introduced, can be used with which PS4 games on your phone.

play PS4 games on tablet and smartphone remote play with Android

Update: Remote Play with all Android devices without root

A prerequisite for the transfer of the game of PS4 on smartphone via Remote Play on Android that the device and the console on the same Wi-Fi network are. Thus, can. B. continued a game or the smartphone be used as a second screen for additional information about the game.

play PS4 games on tablet and smartphone remote play with AndroidOriginally Remote Play is designed only for the Sony Xperia Z3. Some developers of XDA forums have now brought Remote Play on all Android devices, so you can also access with the Galaxy S4 or HTC One to the PS4. A root is not required for remote play on Android. To use remote play with Android, your device should have at least Android 4.4 installed. In addition, you need the remote play port APK.

Remote Play Port Download

Starts the PlayStation 4 and the Remote Play app on Android. Sign up on the console and the smartphone or tablet with your PSN account. Pay attention also to the fact that the two devices are in the same wireless network. If the phone is not found automatically by the console, the PS4 settings controls. selects there &# 8220; Remote Play Connection Settings&# 8221 ;. about &# 8220; Add a device you can now look for the Android smartphone to connect to the PS4.

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PS4 connect with smartphone remote play with Android

Remote Play is not yet intended for Sony's own smartphone Xperia series. A new, rated for the PS4 games device is already being planned. In addition, should Xperia Z3 devices the remote play, as it is already known from the PS Vita and the PlayStation TV support. The PS4 streaming on your smartphone should be possible even after this November.

The XDA Forum Member XperiaPlayStation has succeeded in making remote play now for more Android tablets and smartphones accessible. Thus, the initial restriction to make the PS4 compatibility only for the three new Sony devices available lapses. To use PS4 Remote Play on Android, it is assumed as follows:

  1. Android 4.0+
  2. ClockworkMod Recovery
  3. The ZIP file of XperiaPlayStation
  4. The PlayStation app for Android
  5. Installation via Custom Recovery

For detailed instructions and information about installing place her in the appropriate thread at XDA-Developers. However, the use is only possible from November, 2014.
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use PS4 games on Sony smartphones: Remote Play on Android

The connection between the console and smartphone is made via Wi-Fi. is played on an ordinary PS4 controller. The Smartphone can be attached to the controller with an additional holder provided, so that their free field of view have to play. In addition, highly charged scenes can be viewed and browsed in the PSN via Remote Play. Already, you can control via smartphone the console with the official PS 4 app.

ps4 app

  1. Links for the PS4 with the smartphone.
  2. the "second screen" option selected in the app.
  3. Now you can move the PlayStation menu back and forth.
  4. With a click on the screen individual functions of the PS4 can be selected.
  5. The app also the PlayStation button, the option and the back button can be selected.
  6. can also text input via the PS4 app are passed on the smartphone to the PlayStation 4 on the keyboard icon.
PlayStation®AppdownloadQR codePlayStation®AppDeveloper: PlayStation Mobile Inc.Price: Free PlayStation®App (AppStore link)QR codePlayStation®App&# 124; Price: FreeApp Store*

Source: XDA-Developers

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