Change Firefox Language: How it works

Firefox is currently the most popular browser, which is clearly due to its many advantages such as the add-ons or themes. In this article you learn how you can change the interface language of the Mozilla browser.

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Flexibility, feature richness, ease of use and a lot of extensions and themes - of Mozilla's Firefox is currently the most popular browser because of its advantages. The download of Mozilla Firefox is available in German language available, but it may be that one the Change language Firefox want, for example, if you want to switch between different languages ​​when using frequently.

Change language firefox

Change Firefox Language: It is performed

Before you can change the language of Firefox, you should first make sure that the latest version of the browser is installed and update the program if necessary. Then you need a plug-in in the form of an XPI file, which contains the desired language file. Then you have to install it by double clicking on the downloaded file. Then you have the plugin Locale Switcher needs to install, and then the Firefox needs to be restarted. Now you will find a new button "language" or "Language", where you can change the interface of the browser to the previously added by the package language in the status bar.

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Another way to change Firefox Language

There is also another way that Firefox to change language without having to install the Locale Switcher plugin; however, but must above-mentioned XPI file to download .. To this is added into the browser address bar, first the command "about: config", whereupon the opening index selects the entry "general.useragent.locale" in the column "Value" and this changes to the desired language identifier. For German that would be, for example, the abbreviation "en" for English "en_US". Now the browser needs to be restarted, after which the surface appears in the new language.

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