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What makes a nondescript indie game with pixel graphics and the theme of agriculture between big names such as Far Cry, Rise of the Tomb Raider and the hotly anticipated No Man's Sky and The Division? Who asks this question when he discovers title and artwork of Stardew Valley in the Steam charts, learn with us what it is about, and why the title won such a significant fan base in such a short time.

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The obvious answer to the question why Stardew Valley is so successful is: The game stands alone in the field of PC games. Namely that which is appointed on consoles of titles such as Animal Crossing and above all Harvest Moon. Stardew Valley is a declaration of love Harvest Moon: a farmer shank simulation with small RPG and large dating sim bonds. "Real" Harvest Moon games almost never found so far the way to the PC, only a PC version of iOS Games Harvest Moon: Seeds of Memories has been announced - and this game was taken rather lukewarm critical acclaim. Stardew Valley is thus a substitute for those who are waiting for a decent PC Harvest Moon - but it's even more than that, more than one (apparently good) clone?

For beginners guide for Stardew Valley

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familiar premise

As a player of Stardew Valley it inherits a farm from your late grandfather and decide to give up your dreary office job, in favor of the simple life as a farmer in the country. How accurate framing her this life, remains largely up to you: You can keep animals and grow cereals, go fishing and of course explore the village around your farm and its inhabitants to meet, make friends and maybe even take in a romantic relationship.

So far, so Harvest Moon. But Stardew Valley changed and expanded the formula of the model in some places, and one of the differences from the Harvest Moon games are likely to be a not insignificant factor in the success of the game - and the passion of his fans.

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Overdue modernization

One of these sub vagina is unspectacular, but actually long overdue for the Harvest Moon games: You can perform same-sex relationships. Sounds like a small thing, but is likely to be a contributing factor to the hype (lots of fan art included) that the game is currently experiencing on tumblr. Moreover, it is just sad that the Harvest Moon series, it takes longer for it to show gay farmers as RTL's trash-dome show "Farmer Wants a Wife".

Stardew Valley offers also in terms of the gameplay, some upgrades: In addition to the classic Harvest Moon activities - plants, fish, Dating - served the game some actual gameplay trends: So there is an extensive crafting system and the option to explore vast, randomly generated caves, there to collect valuable materials and fight monsters. Yes, you read that right: in addition to agricultural and dating simulation Stardew Valley will be a sandbox RPG à la Starbound or Terraria. It is debatable what that has to do with the "simple country life", but the already high addiction factor of the Harvest Moon games should Stardew Valley so again on offer, and the success it has apparently not harmed. And in addition to all this, a cooperative multiplayer mode is even announced.

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So you do not lose you in this abundance of playful possibilities, you will receive regular quests that you set short-term goals and give a bit of structure to the very open gameplay.

Has given you all that curious? Then you can Stardew Valley on Steam for currently € 13.99 to purchase and you convince yourself whether the extensions of the Harvest Moon formula are useful.

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