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Your love would VOX streaming LIVE look online on your PC or smartphone, but not know how to do it and what does it cost? Read the following if there is a free VOX live stream, what you can do, you turn your favorite show you missed and how you can access the VOX library.

In VOX program, the successful formats Shopping Queen, The Perfect Dinner * FindWatch VOX Live Stream legal and free online - How it works or even the professional dog *Watch VOX Live Stream legal and free online - How it works. Who does not have a TV or program intends to pursue on the PC or on the go, can see the commercial broadcaster RTL Group in the stream.

Click here for the VOX live stream*

3122619magine TV

Official live stream of VOX in TV Now

missed VOX Media Center TV broadcast NOWYou seek an official, free live stream, you'll be disappointed: The VOX TV program there is not live and free on the net or by app. but with VOX Now or rather TV Now you can see some TV programs for free after they have been broadcast on TV. Because TV Now is the library of VOX and the other transmitters of the RTL group such as RTL, RTL2, RTL Nitro, SuperRTL n-tv and RTL Plus. Do you want the VOX live stream on the web browser, transferred via app or with AirPlay on your smartphone, laptop or your computer, you have the TV Now grab Plus subscription.

TV NOW PLUSdownloadQR codeTV NOW PLUSDeveloper: RTL interactive *Price: Free TV NOW PLUSdownloadQR codeTV NOW PLUSDeveloper: RTL interactive GmbHPrice: Free

After a free trial period drezeit 2.99 euros incurred monthly. For this, you can view all VOX series easily online, and access even after their appearance on the video-on-demand offering.

Start Photogallery(14 images)Here are the series and movies from the network RTL

More you learn in the article VOX library: View With TV NOW all VOX series easily online.

free and legal look VOX live stream via third-party apps online

You seek for an alternative, have to stream on your terminal their numerous websites and live stream apps to choose from for the TV program from VOX.

providersPrice per month (package)Number of transmittersOthers
magine TV*
  • Basic (10 Euro)
  • Premium (20 Euro)
  • 40+ transmitter (20 HD)
  • 70+ channels (30+ HD)
Pay-TV channels in the premium package, other packages bookable (Couchfunk)
  • (Pro TV9.99 Euro)
  • 47 transmitter
incl. 5 English & 8 French channels
Now TV (VOX)
  • TV NOW Plus (2.99 Euro)
  • All RTL Group
Library, pre-TV
TV movie*
  • Premium (9.99 Euro)
  • 70 transmitter (34 HD)
other packages bookable
  • Comfort (4.99 Euro)
  • Perfect (14.99 Euro)
  • 52 transmitter (SD, only WLAN)
  • 52 transmitter (HD)
, Pause cloud Recorder broadcast
  • HIQ (9.99 Euro)
  • 47 transmitter (33 HD)
other packages bookable as separate app for Xbox One & available 360

VOX Live Streaming works over the various packages of the above services. You pay a monthly fee and can see other private channels in addition to VOX. Usually you see the free public programs. Be careful with offers for VOX Free Streams: Beautiful services such as television are not legal, so you should forgo their use.

Magine TV Free TV Streamingsee legal online VOX live stream on TV Magine

Magine TV is a service of a Swedish company. Here you can look VOX and many other channels legally. Included are, for example, still ARD HD, ZDF HD, ProSieben, RTL, Sat.1 and many more (over 100).

Click here for the VOX live stream*

Pay TV is also available in the stream. First, you can test free her Magine TV in the trial period. After the trial period you can still stream or public channels for free also book an additional package. For a monthly package with VOX and other private stations fall currently at just under 5 euros. More about packages and prices, we have you in the article Magine: compiled expenses in the overview.

  • Here you come to the website of the TV streaming service:Click here for the VOX live stream*
  • Created you therefore your own account *.
  • Also apps for Android and iOS has Magine TV at the start. So you can receive the VOX live stream on the iPad and iPhone, and Android devices.

Magine TV - Live Online TVdownloadQR codeMagine TV - Live Online TVDeveloper: Magine Holding AB *Price: Free Magine TV - Live TVdownloadQR codeMagine TV - Live TVDeveloper: MaginePrice: Free

Stops playback on your mobile phone and toying her already with a new smart phone, these deals could be something for you:

More products on

How do you get the VOX live stream from the small screen on your TV, you learn in this Photogallery:

Start Photogallery(11 images)From the smartphone to the TV: beaming With Fire TV network video over

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VOX see live stream on WaipuTV and record

Have you missed a VOX program or have an appointment during the upcoming broadcast, you can watch some highlights on, visit the library or pre-program the program for recording. The supplier waipu.TV allows you online recordings of your favorite formats such as The Cave of lions and Shopping Queen. Even with Save.TV * can you VOX recording online and you view or download them at a later date.

Absorb with Save.TV VOX*


Although you do not see the RTL live stream online for free, but TV Now and Co offer you to stream the possibilities mentioned GZSZ or Bachelorette. If you offer the RTL group prefer or do you already have a subscription to a streaming service, which brings you other TV channels to mobile phones or TV? Betray us in the comments.

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