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Recalbox OS is multi-emulator and media center in one. The open source software is an extremely simple and smooth way to the Raspberry Pi abzurichten simultaneously for the retro cravings like looking for movies. The Recalbox Download (500 MB) and the installation is done in a few minutes.

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Those who wanted to use his single board especially in the living room for retro video games and as a media center, does not necessarily install Raspbian and then Kodi and various emulators above pack on it: The more elegant solution offers here Recalbox OS. The stand-alone operating system combines multiple emulators with the "Emulation Station" front-end and grabs the "all-round feel-good package" nor the Media Center software Kodi participate in.

Recalbox OS - Download & installation

Download and install Recalbox are done in a few steps. To use the multi-emulator Media Center system, you need a Raspberry Pi 3, 2 or 1 B (+), a 16 GB SD card and a USB input device (Keyboard, mouse, controller) and a power supply (2.5 amps) and an HDMI cable to connect.

The current version of Recalbox downloads can be found on the official GitHub page of the project. Invite you here simply the "" (about 500 MB) titled file and unzip it on your computer. To install OS Recalbox it does the following:

  1. Formatted your SD card in the FAT32 file system. Uses this example. The free software SDFormatter.
  2. now copies the contents of the previously unzipped file "" to reformat SD card.
  3. Remove the SD card from your computer and dump them in the Raspberry Pi.
  4. now closes the Raspberry Pi to the power grid and a monitor or TV.
  5. The installation should run automatically, you can only the language and the keyboard layout during the installation process select.
  6. Finally, the system should reboot and welcome you to the "Emulation Station" surface.
  7. Other settings for the various emulators and Kodi can make it after installation in the particular setup menu.

Recalbox OS - emulators Included

For the following systems an emulator on Recalbox is preinstalled:

Arcade systems (Various)Nintendo Entertainment SystemFamicom Disk SystemSuper Nintendo
Sega Master SystemSega Mega Drive / GenesisPlayStationGameBoy
GameBoy ColorGame Boy AdvanceAtari 7800Atari 2600
PC Engine (CD) / TurboGrafx-16Sega 32 XSega SG1000MSX 1 & 2 (+)
Nintendo 64Sega CDScummVMGame and Watch
prboomVectrexSega Game GearVirtual Boy
Atari LynxWonderswan ColorNeoGeo Pocket ColorNeo Geo (CD)
PC Engine SuperGrafxOdyssey 2Amstrad CPCzx81
Atari STZX Spectrum

Recalbox vs. RetroPie - which is your favorite operating system for emulation Affairs at the Raspberry Pi Or do you prefer but a specific Linux distribution for the single-board computer.? Let us know in the comments.

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