It’s over 9000: Importance of Memes

Those who move regularly in the network, comes in chats and forums on recurring terms and phrases. Many of these terms are used as a meme, so embedded in commonly known images. One of these popular memes hiding behind the phrase "It's over 9000". But where does this meme and what does this mean?

It's over 9000: Importance of Memes

Other Meme expressions that recur such insert. B. behind "Haters Gonna Hate" or "Om Nom Nom". But what is the meaning of "It's over 9000"?

"It's over 9000": Origin and what does this mean?

The original quotation "It's over 9000" comes from Brian Drummond and was eingesprochen by him in the role of Vegeta in the Dragon Ball episode "The Return of Goku". Compared to the original Japanese version is a translation error. In the original it says "It's over 8000!". In the German version of the combat level specified with the Who "8000" instead of the familiar today, "9000". The expression is answer to the question of Goku's fighting strength.


  • Popular expression was as Meme after the 4chan users Kajetokun with the phrase several times in succession mounted the scene in a video.
  • A 1: 1 translation for "It's over 9000" does not exist. The term is used to something incredible display Large or to selectively exaggerating a situation immeasurablyn.
  • The power level describes the combat strength of players in Dragon Ball.
  • The corresponding video was initially shared by Kajetokun only privately among friends.
  • In October 2006, the meme video then spread virally on YouTube.
  • As a result, Dragon Ball fans adapted many of their own versions of the video.
  • In addition, many meme pictures were taken with the corresponding set.

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"It's over 9000": Meme from Dragon Ball

2012 pops up the book *It's over 9000: Importance of Memes "It's Over 9000 - When Worldviews Collide". The book is targeted to the origin and the viral success of the phrase "It's over 9000" and shows several examples of the use and importance today.

It&# 039; s over 9000 - the book on Amazon*

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With us you learn also what is meant behind the expression "The cake is a lie". In addition, you learn with us where their Dragon Ball can see in the stream.

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