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Do you want to increase the special values ​​of your residents in fallout shelter have to send them in their training rooms, where after some time they improve values ​​such as strength and intelligence. Much easier goes with outfits and armor that you guarantee some considerable bonuses status values. We give you an overview of all outfits in free mobile game.

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Outfits and armor gets her in Fallout Shelter as booty during wasteland expeditions or cards in lunchboxes. Overall, there are 90 garments to find game for Android and iOS in Mobile. Should rare or legendary residents arrive in your Vault, this already good outfits have to, which you can use your as needed for other residents. A Overview of all armor We show you here.

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Fallout Shelter: outfits and armor at a glance

All outfits divide into three categories on:

  • 16 ordinary outfits recognizable by the green badge
  • 36 rare outfits recognizable by the blue badge
  • 38 legendary outfits identifiable by the yellow markings

Below you can see a A list of all outfits Fallout Shelter including their values.

defaultVault Suit-------
Armored Vault Suit-3-----
UsuallyLeather Armor1-2----
UsuallyWasteland Medic-2----1
UsuallyCombat Armor2----1-
Usuallyformal Wear------3
UsuallyHandyman Jumpsuit-----3-
UsuallyWasteland Gear--3----
UsuallyLab Coat----3--
UsuallyMilitary Fatigues3------
UsuallyBattle Armor2-1----
UsuallyRadiation Suit-12----
UsuallyRaider Armor-1---2-
UsuallyMerc Gear-1---11
UsuallyJunior Officer Uniform---12--
UsuallyInitiate Robe---2-1-
RareSurgeon outfit-2---21
RareSurvivor Armor2----21
RareSturdy Vault Suit-5-----
RareWasteland Doctor-3----2
Rarewrestler outfit2-2---1
RareSturdy Combat Armor3----2-
RareComedian outfit-2-2--1
RareRepublic Robes---4--1
RareEngineer outfit--2-2-1
RareFancy Formal Wear------5
RareGreaser outfit---2-21
Rareadvanced Jumpsuit-----5-
RareNaughty Nightwear---5---
RareSturdy Wasteland Gear--5----
RareMedieval Ruler outfit-2-2--1
RareKnight Armor22----1
RareAdvanced Lab Coat----5--
RareLibrarian outfit----4-1
RareMayor outfit---21-1
RareOfficer Fatigues5------
RareMovie Fan outfit-4----1
RareNinja outfit-----41
RareNobility outfit--2-2-1
RareProfessor outfit----4-1
RareSturdy Battle Armor3-2----
RareAdvanced Radiation Suit-23----
RareSturdy Raider Armor-2---3-
RareSturdy Merc Gear-1---22
RareClergy outfit---4--1
RareOfficer uniform---23--
RareSci-Fi Fan outfit----221
RareScribe Robe---3-2-
RareHorror Fan outfit--4---1
RareSoldier uniform2-2---1
RareSports Fan outfit4-----1
LegendaryT-51 Power Armor31-----
LegendaryT-45a Power Armor23-----
LegendaryT-51d Power Armor32-----
LegendaryX-01 Mk I Power Armor311----
LegendaryT-60a Power Armor2-3----
LegendaryX-01 Mk IV Power Armor411----
LegendaryT-45d Power Armor24-----
LegendaryT-60d Power Armor2-4----
LegendaryTenpenny&# 8217; s Suit-2-21-1
LegendaryBittercup&# 8217; s outfit2221---
LegendaryThree Dog&# 8217; s outfit-2-5---
LegendaryHeavy Vault Suit-7-----
LegendaryHeavy Leather Armor3-4----
Legendarytunnel Snake&# 8217; s outfit-212-2-
LegendaryWasteland Surgeon-4----3
LegendaryAutumn&# 8217; s Uniform2221---
LegendaryHeavy Combat Armor4----3-
LegendaryConfessor Cormwell&# 8217; s Rags-22-1-2
LegendaryLucky Nightware---7---
LegendaryEulogy Jones&8217; Suit-2-21-2
LegendaryLucky Formal Wear------7
LegendaryExpert Jumpsuit-----7-
LegendaryHeavy Wasteland Gear--7----
LegendaryExpert Lab Coat----7--
Legendarysheriff&# 8217; s Duster-25----
LegendaryCommander Fatigues7------
LegendaryT-51f PowerArmor25-----
LegendaryHeavy Battle Armor4-3----
LegendaryX-01 Mk VI PowerArmor4----3-
LegendaryT-45f PowerArmor25-----
LegendaryT-60f PowerArmor115----
LegendaryExpert Radiation Suit-34----
LegendaryHeavy Raider Armor-3---4-
LegendaryHeavy Merc Gear-2---32
LegendaryScribe Rothchild&# 8217; s Robe-2122--
LegendaryCommander uniform---34--
LegendaryElder robe---4-3-
LegendaryMinutemen uniform22--22-

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