Solution: 0xC004E003 error in Windows activation

The error 0xC004E003 occurs when Windows has already been activated and have built their then new hardware or the operating system is installed with the used product key already on another PC.

Solution: 0xC004E003 error in Windows activation

0xc004e003- error when activating Windows

The error code 0xC004E003 the following factors:

  • Windows has been ever installed on another computer with the Key.
  • You have off hardware or installed new hardware.


  1. Pressed into Windows keys Windows + R, to open the Run dialog.
  2. Is typing SLUI 3 and confirms.
  3. Give one to the product key and follow the instructions.
Here activates its Windows with your Product KeyHere activates its Windows with your Product Key

If Windows is still not enabled:

  1. Presses the button Windows + R.
  2. Give SLUI 4 one to start the telephone activation.
  3. Choose your country / state and confirmed by Continue.

    The telephone activation works as good as everThe telephone activation works as good as ever

  4. then calls the displayed number Microsoft 0800 2848 283 at.
  5. By telephone you give the number of episodes Blocks 1 to 9 at.
  6. After that you will receive by phone the Wizard Blocks A to H, her typing in the Windows window and confirmed.
  7. confirmed Continue.

Tip: Writes you the numbers told her that gets best only a block to later correct the signs, if you've mistyped you.

If Windows was previously activated on another computer, this activation is then released as a Windows license for end user can always be activated on only one computer.

  • More help get her from Microsoft Support
  • If Windows can not be activated solution 10

A new Windows license can you buy very cheap here:

Best on

Those in a hurry can contact course directly to the Microsoft Technical Support, you may just consider the product key. The support is always available from Monday to Friday between 08:00 and 18:00 Saturday 09:00 to 17:00 on the following numbers:

  • Germany: 01806 &# 8211; 67 22 55
  • Austria: 01 &# 8211; 5 02 22 22 55
  • Switzerland: 0848 &# 8211; 80 22 55


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