Gmail Switch read receipt – so you go

You want to activate Gmail read receipts? This function you can receive a message when the recipient has seen your e-mail. In the event you know that he has the time that is specified in the confirmation, opened. The function can use Google Apps for Work, Education, and Government users apply. Anyone who has a personal Gmail account and want to take this option, so you have to opt for an upgrade.

Gmail Switch read receipt - so you go

Request Gmail read receipt

  • Posted in the PC version of Gmail as usual an e-mail.
  • Click in the editor on the symbol More Options.

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  • Click "Request read report" link.
  • Sends the e-mail.

Now at each addressees of the "To" and "Cc" is requested a read receipt. This is not the case with the addressee of the Bcc field. When you open the e-mail later, you can see the current status under the body of the message.

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It did not work?

A read receipt may not be required if:

  • the e-mail was opened with a POP client or a Google Apps Sync client
  • the e-mail was opened with an IMAP client, your administrator has the ability to send read receipts but not activated. Your Google Apps system administrator determines whether you can read receipts Request.
  • is the recipient of a group mailing list or an alias. You have messages to specific e-mail addresses to send to use the feature.

Send read receipt

Has anyone received an e-mail including the demand for a read receipt, there are two options: either the confirmation is automatically sent from Gmail or the recipient is asked for this. Requirements for the latter: The system administrator of the receiving account must have activated this demand and the recipient must open the e-mail in the PC version of Gmail.

Email Confirmation - the individual steps

  • The addressee must be open as usual in the desktop version of Gmail e-mail.
  • he wants the message close he is asked to send a read receipt.
  • Now he clicks either "Send confirmation" or to "Not this time."
  • he decides "not this time" for, Gmail asks again if he calls the entertainment.

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