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The introduction of Javascript has led some time ago to a surge in development in the website design. Today, this scripting language is not an integral part of the Internet. But JavaScript also contains dangers. In the default installation of Google Chrome, the browser leaves all Javascript commands to the visited websites. How could he decide what is good or evil? Here initiative is needed. And an extension called NotScripts.

Your name is probably from the popular Firefox tool Noscript, but that there is no such extension for Google Chrome that. But there are alternatives ...

The Google Chrome noscript alternative NotScripts

While there are in Google Chrome Noscript not an extension but it has certainly served as a name for the extension NotScripts that lends itself as a backup. It's amazing that there is so little extensions on this issue for Google Chrome.

Google Chrome screenshot NotScriptsNotScripts shows us all Javascript resources and provides full access to it and

Google Chrome itself has only black or white. Either Javascript is allowed or it is completely prohibited. A selection does not exist, although in 2010 already circulated a development version, which had installed a choice.

As the first candidate to help the expansion NotScripts offers, which can be obtained free of charge in the Google Chrome Store. As virtually all of these programs prevented it only once every emerging Java scripts and then lets the user decide how he wants to proceed.

This is basically the best way to deter threats and harassment. By the way, it also prevents the majority of the advertising. On the other hand it also means that some websites do not work properly. Because they need Javascript around for the menu for page redirects or special designs.

And here lets us noscript alternative in Chrome fortunately full control! Once we visit a website, NotScripts blocked Once everything. And we click on the pyramid icon in the address bar, it cites the source of Java scripts once only visited site &# 8211; and even the ability to block scripts this page forever to unlock them or release them temporarily. The latter refers only to the current visit and next time again everything is blocked.

Once we grant a release, the site is allowed to execute scripts and only then will we see who there still will reload all scripts. Which are then locked equal to happiness. Individually we can now click through the sources and decide again &# 8220; He Can? He is not allowed?&# 8221;

Very practical: A question mark next to the domain name gives us the opportunity to consider a review of this page. Not everything there is of course true, but there are clues. is recommended to release click by click Domains &# 8211; and then only temporarily &# 8211; until the page as desired works.

Small drawback: After installing the extension, the user must enter the extension folder in Google Chrome, and enter there by hand in a file password. Only then will the expansion works.

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Script safe as Google Chrome alternative to Noscript

The same path as the competition of NoScript Chrome Script safe going in Google Chrome. First of block everything! The user can then click on the red icon that has the same shows a counter which presents the amount of locked scripts.

Now, here is a selection menu also provides the usual blocking and release options open. But there are still many, many more options. Partly that's confusing.

Google Chrome Script Safe Screenshot Visually appealing, but confusing: The Noscript clone for Google Chrome, Script Safe

Really annoying but it is when the extension simply does not block Javascript, but entire websites. The website of T-Online, for example, not loaded because a dubious filter keeps them in a safe script dangerous.

Suddenly, Google Chrome blockade screenshot Internet pages are no longer being charged because they Script safe not like.

Here, the user either the extension must completely disable what indeed may not be desired, or he has to click by click only T-Online, and then all share sub-domains. This behavior shrewd user can certainly change in settings with a lot of time, but it spoils the fun surf anyway.


Unfortunately there are not Noscript for Google Chrome. This little tool works perfectly and could actually show the imitators, where to go. This has viewed either none of the developers or they keep their programs actually better for &# 8211; incomprehensibly!