RECYCLE.BIN: What is behind the file?

The file name sounds strange and many people suspect that this is hiding a virus. No wonder, it is listed by some anti-virus programs as a hit. But the file is harmless. What's with her on, we explain in this article.

RECYCLE.BIN: What is behind the file?

RECYCLE.BIN: What is it?

The name RECYCLE.BIN called the trash in English and the computer also exactly this. So RECYCLE.BIN is the trash and not a virus or other threat. If the file is provided with a dollar sign in front of the word, it means that there is a hidden and thus protected from deletion system file. Normally, the file is not displayed, you can see them anyway you have activated the option "Show protected system files". How to show hidden files in Windows and hides again, we have described elsewhere.

Abstract: Hide system files for Windows 7

  1. You open the Start menu in Windows 7 Control Panel.
  2. Click Folder Options.
  3. tab open view and selects there "Show hidden files, folders or drives" option.


In the Control Panel, you can select the & quot; Show Hidden Files & quot; activate.In the Control Panel, you can select &# 8220; hide hidden files&# 8221; activate.Start Photogallery(10 images)Which motherboard I have? find out the motherboard!

Abstract: Hide system files for Windows 8

  1. You open the menu bar of Windows 8 via the shortcut "Windows key + E.
  2. Chooses &# 8220; view&# 8221; and on the right the "Show / Hide".
  3. the corresponding check mark are employed to hide hidden files.

RECYCLE.BIN and anti-virus programs

Some anti-virus programs, it happens that the trash file RECYCLE.BIN listed as hits. Thus, then meant that trashed a (potentially) dangerous file is not the trash itself must be removed. Empties the recycle bin instead.



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