HTML5 Games: 10 incredibly good browser games

HTML5 is not only excellent way to make interesting websites: Meanwhile, there are also many good HTML5 games. When it comes to the sheer number of games, Flash has currently still in the lead &# 8211; But HTML5 is catching up steadily. In the following article we present to you 10 of the best HTML5 games before that run directly in your browser. For these games you need any additional plugin &# 8211; just click on the link and go&# 8217; s!

HTML5 Games: HexGL


HexGL is just right if you're into fast racing action. The game is a tribute to classic Future Racer as fzero or Wipeout and comes remarkably close to his great idols ran. The high-quality 3D graphics, great performance and fast gameplay will make you forget you that you have to do it with a browser game.

HTML5 Games: Galactic Inbox

Galactic Inbox

Galactic Inbox is a kind of mix of arcade classics R-Type and Space Invaders and an amusing attempt to revive the space shooter genre. In the game you have to shoot you as lonely email through the depths of space and defeat numerous enemies that suspicious look like spam.

HTML5 Games: Banana Bread

Banana Bread

Banana Bread is a standard developed by Mozilla first-person shooter that runs in your browser and offers an impressive example of how far the technology has progressed in the meantime. Not so long ago, you needed for this variety's still outrageously expensive graphics card &# 8211; today&# 8217; s something for free in between for lunch.

HTML5 Games: Save the Day

Save the Day

The 2D skill game Save the Day is so much fun just like the screenshot promises. As a helicopter pilot you have to save all stranded people delete your water cannon fire and escape before the timer runs out and everything is in chaos.

HTML5 Games: Pappu Pakia

Pappu Paika

The concept of Pappu Pakia familiar from countless games category Endless Runner: You are moving from left to right on an automatically scrolling screen, avoid obstacles and collect bonus items. The highlight of Pappu Pakia: The hero is a bird that falls to the ground if you do not constantly hammering on the left mouse button and keeping it at the correct height.

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