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In certain cases it may be necessary to pixelate faces on pictures or make other locations to photos unrecognizable to them for. to Upload public as Facebook. For the Pixelize photos no expensive software is required, their parts rather can alienate the PC or directly on the phone with an app in images with free tools.

The Pixelize of images is such. As necessary if you want to upload a photo, on which are strangers to see or want to put pictures with cars and into the net before making the license plate unreadable.

Tip: How pixelated their Youtube videos, learn it here: Youtube: verpixeln Video / obscure - Here&# 8217; s.

verpixeln Images: goes like this&# 8217; s Windows

paint-selectionThis requires no expensive professional software such as Photoshop is required. Will you Make verpixeln in screenshots, images and photos, helps you also the free image editor Paint.NET. That's how it works:


  1. First opens the corresponding image that want to edit it.
  2. The "rectangle" - or "Lasso" selection their marked on the image to the corresponding section, the you want verpixeln.
  3. then controls in the menu bar to "distort" section at.
  4. Here the option is "Hide in pixels."
    wallpaper verpixeln-1
  5. Once selected, you can adjust in the new field, the "edge length".
  6. The higher the value, the stronger the pixelation in the picture.
  7. Confirmed the entry with "OK". Now her other areas of the image can dissolve into pixels or, save the result.
  8. Note that you choose a new file name when saving, so as not to overwrite the original image with the face in the original.

wallpaper verpixeln-2

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verpixeln Images: Here's with Android and iOS

Directly on the smartphone can obscure images in their places. For Android, the free app Mosaic Pixelate Censor is. The application can be downloaded for free. Invite a desired image in the app. With the finger you can now make the desired locations unrecognizable. Here you have different effects to choose from:

  • Verpixeln in mosaic style
  • Blurren
  • Black

With us you will find many other image editing software for Android as an alternative.

Mosaic Pixelate Censor PhotodownloadQR codeMosaic Pixelate Censor PhotoDeveloper: Winson TanPrice: Free

Of course, the iPhone and iPad bring corresponding apps for Pixelize. For this and other purposes of image processing on the iPhone itself, for suitable. As the app Fotor Photo Editor.

Fotor Photo Editor & EditdownloadQR codeFotor Photo Editor& To editDeveloper: Chengdu Ever Imaging Science and Technology Co., Ltd. *Price: Free

wallpaper verpixeln-3

Videos verpixeln YouTube

The video portal YouTube has its own function to make people and objects unrecognizable in their own videos. This works as follows:

  1. Upload the appropriate video high initially.
  2. After successful upload it controls the "Video Manager" and select "Edit".
  3. In edit mode you can a "Video improve".
  4. Here, the "make areas unrecognizable" option can be found.
  5. Using the mouse, you can highlight the relevant section of the image to be displayed out of focus.
  6. If the video is played, and the pixelated area migrates. Alternatively, you can also select "Fix" to specify that a solid image area remains unrecognizable.
  7. About "Done" and "Save" the result is saved. Selected objects, such. As other persons or content that violates the YouTube Terms of Service are no longer visible.

Image Sources: khyom hata, Tatiana Chekryzhova