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The popular WhatsApp Messenger can also be installed in Windows 10 or Windows. 7 We show in this manual further how their use and in three different ways WhatsApp in Windows 10 can also uninstall the messenger again.

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WhatsApp, there are 10 Mobile for smartphone operating systems Android, iOS and Windows. Who opens and the Windows Store in Windows 10 searches for WhatsApp, but can not find the Messenger may. He can still install Windows on the 10th We show you how to do it.

Windows 10: WhatsApp was installed as a program.Windows 10: WhatsApp was installed as a program.

WhatsApp install: Windows 10, 7

To install WhatsApp in Windows 10 or Windows 7, you need the appropriate setup file WhatsAppSetup.exe:

  1. Invite you here the desktop client for WhatsApp down: WhatsApp Windows download.
  2. Double click to start the file WhatsAppSetup.exe the installation. The program installs itself by independently without further instructions.
  3. a WhatsApp shortcut created on the desktop, via the WhatsApp you can start.
  4. After that, the QR code, you have to scan with your smartphone appears.

    Windows 10: Scan the code with the WhatsApp app of your smartphone.Windows 10: Scan the code with the WhatsApp app of your smartphone.

  5. Opens on your smartphone for WhatsApp, click on the overflow menu at the top right with the three points and selects WhatsApp the web. If you have trouble getting looks over here: WhatsApp Web: Scan QR code does not work? This can be done.
  6. Now you chats and contacts in the Windows 10-window display.
  7. The menu bar at the top you can
    • Create new chats and groups
    • Enlarge the chat window and out
    • switch the chat mute, archive, delete or mark as unread

Tip: In the Windows version of WhatsApp you can get the latest beta updates. Click in the menu to get help beta updates.

If you do not want to install the 10 WhatsApp program in Windows, we show you below also how else you bring the Messenger in Windows 10 to run.

Windows 10, 7: WhatsApp uninstall

10 uninstalling WhatsApp from Windows, you go as follows:

  1. Opens the Run dialog by her pushing the key combination Windows + R.
  2. Typing the following and confirmed: appwiz.cpl
  3. uninstall the program window will appear.
  4. Examined in the list after the entry WhatsApp and clicks on it.
  5. Click then on the button Uninstall.
Windows 10: You can uninstall their WhatsApp.Windows 10: You can uninstall their WhatsApp.

As you can uninstall WhatsApp on smartphone and Co., learn it here: uninstall WhatsApp.

install WhatsApp on Windows 10 - With BlueStacks App Player

WhatsApp installed on Windows 10thWhatsApp installed on Windows 10 and running in the window.

To install WhatsApp on Windows 10, it does the following:

  1. Installs you the free BlueStacks App Player tool. Clicks on in the installation wizard on the button Next and follow the instructions on the screen. Finally click Finish. The tool then automatically starts.
  2. Invite you download the APK file of WhatsApp for Android and clicks it then twice at. The BlueStacks App Player will install WhatsApp. This may take a while.
  3. After installing a new WhatsApp window opens in the BlueStacks app player with the message Welcome to WhatsApp. Confirmed below the button Agree and Continue after you read the terms and conditions and you agree to launch WhatsApp.
  4. then give a your cell phone number and confirm with OK.
  5. On your smartphone now you will receive an SMS with a six-digit confirmation code.
  6. Wait 10 to the loading bar runs under Windows.
  7. Give the verification code from the text.

    WhatsApp on Windows 10: Adjust as needed backup restore.WhatsApp on Windows 10: Adjust as needed backup restore.

  8. WhatsApp now ask you if a backup from Google Drive to be restored. grant clicks skipping or authorization.
  9. Give the next window, your name and optionally a different profile picture. Click above right Next.

    install WhatsApp: Give to your name and profile picture.install WhatsApp: Give to your name and profile picture.

  10. Click in the new window, click Next.
  11. The WhatsApp interface opens and displays your calls, chats and contacts on.

Mouse and keyboard you can now start chatting and writing messages.

Note: In the above method it also locks but from WhatsApp from your smartphone because the provider does not support the function to use the same number two clients at the same time. That is, then you have to WhatsApp via SMS verification back on your smartphone and can unlock.


WhatsApp messages in Windows 10 to send - With Android emulator Andy

As a second alternative you can install yourself on the emulator Andy the Android operating system in Windows 10th This then starts a Android environment in Windows that you operated with the mouse instead of your finger. Then it installed there WhatsApp and you can run it 10 on the Android window under Windows.

Emulator Andy: Android running on Windows.Emulator Andy: Android running on Windows.
  1. A guide on how you installed the emulator, you can find here: Andy: So you make of your PC an Android tablet.
  2. After that you installed you through the Google Play Store as usual the WhatsApp Messenger in the Android environment.
WhatsApp MessengerdownloadQR codeWhatsApp MessengerDeveloper: WhatsApp Inc.Price: Free

use WhatsApp in Windows 10 - With WhatsApp Web

With WhatsApp Web you can also use in Windows 10 the Messenger. Here, you open a window WhatsApp on the same website.

WhatsApp Web: your chats right in your browser in Windows 10thWhatsApp Web: your chats right in your browser in Windows 10th
  1. Opens the Web WhatsApp Web. A QR code is displayed.
  2. Starts WhatsApp on your phone and press the top right of the overflow menu with the three points. Selects WhatsApp Web. A code scanner opens.
  3. Hold the smartphone are displayed until your WhatsApp contacts and messages in the browser before the QR code of the page.
  4. By keyboard and mouse you can now Windows 10 from WhatsApp messages to send.

Detailed instructions are found here: use WhatsApp on your desktop PC (Windows) - as simple as that. There, you also, as you WhatsApp via the popular app push Bullet can use on the PC.

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