Explanation: Suspect – meaning, use, origin

Suspect is one of the foreign words that one hears again and again with us. Most in very specific situations. It so that it is not by a single German word several meanings replaceable. We explain it to you!

Explanation: Suspect - meaning, use, origin

Suspect: meaning and use

The term suspect is mostly used in situations when someone has made a claim that doubts another. &# 8220; That seems suspicious&# 8221; or &# 8220; The suspect is me&# 8221; is intended to express that one doubts a statement or the nature of a situation.

That seems to me suspicious!That seems to me suspicious!

Suspect is in such a context rather suspicious, but also untrustworthy, doubtful, questionable or unclear. Thus it is said that one doubts the credibility of a person or assertion and actually assumed a very different situation than truth. In relation to people it means keeping the whole person suspicious to lie, cheat or plan to appropriate.

The word is usually used when a single German term does not fully explain the facts. If one refers to a person as a suspect, then my one, that their behavior is suspicious not only. It also wants to express that their statements are credible, one doubts the good, honest and reliable character of the person in general and want to watch them as a precaution exactly the same time. It's about a suspect. And one fears to get the confirmed in the future by observing this person. Basically, it is a currently not provable prejudice when using the adjective suspect.

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suspicious &# 8211; origin

As you might have guessed, the word comes suspicious from the Latin language. English-speaking countries have here again an advantage because it 1: 1 was taken in their vocabulary. Here both suspicious suspect means namely as well as a suspect. Even the word suspicious (suspicious, unexplained, suspicious) has its roots there.

In Latin means suspectus as an adjective as much as suspicious, distrustful making, untrustworthy and skeptical.

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