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The tax ID or tax identification number is always needed in written correspondence with tax authorities. But where to find the control ID actually is and what if you have moved the tax identification number again? You can apply a new tax ID and if so, where exactly? In our guide you can find the answers.

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Tax ID &# 8211; For this you need the tax identification number

The tax ID (abbreviated TIN) was introduced in Germany in 2007 and is awarded once for each German citizen. The tax ID is valid for life and is not changed, even if their example moves and changes the tax office. The personal tax identification number is required primarily by tax authorities, the tax-relevant data can be evaluated with the tax ID easier and more efficient. Not to be confused is the control ID of the control number, which is needed especially for employers.

steuernummer out letterThe tax id be found, for example, on the annual income tax bill.

Tax ID out &# 8211; so goes&# 8217; s

The tax identification number is communicated to you in writing by the Federal Central Tax Office. The eleven-digit number is valid for life and is awarded by default &# 8211; therefore does not need to apply separately to the number as well. In the letter, the number is as &# 8220; Personal Identification Number&# 8221; called, sometimes they will even &# 8220; identification number&# 8221; called. Abbreviated it is usually with TIN (Tax Identification Number) or tax ID.

  • If you have installed for controlling the writing of the Federal Central Office, you just look down at your last tax bill or the employment tax statement. The control ID is there indicated at the top.
  • If you have none of these documents at hand, you can apply online you your tax ID via the following link directly to the Federal Central Tax Office. After a short processing time you will be notified in writing to the tax ID.
  • If necessary, you can contact you even on the responsible citizen of your town offices &# 8211; many communities offer this service and you share the tax identification number upon request with.
  • Taxable persons who are not registered in Germany, but in this country receive income must ask the competent tax authorities, instead. The tax office calls for the tax ID then the BZSt to &# 8211; itself the TIN can not apply directly to the Federal Central Tax Office in this case.
  • For children, the Federal Central Tax Office will automatically send the tax ID right after birth of the child. Again, the number can be re-requested from the above link, if necessary.

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This is noted in the control ID

As mentioned earlier should the tax id cooperation between the various financial authorities, such as Facilitate tax office Federal Central Tax Office and banks. In the elftstelligen tax ID different data about your person are included, among others:

  • family name
  • earlier names
  • first name
  • Ph.D.
  • day and place of birth
  • gender
  • current or last known address
  • competent tax authorities

Read also with us, as you fill out your tax return online and send can. Students also find the most important changes in the BAföG 2016 in the overview.

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