What became of The Mummy star Brendan Fraser?

Again and again on Thursdays we take a manicured look into the sinking and ask ourselves what has become of well-known stars of yesterday. Today's candidate did in the early 1990s as a name comedian, played in the blockbuster &# 8220; The Mummy&# 8221 ;, touched us &Scrubs; # 8220&# 8221; and was long not seen. Whatever happened to Brendan Fraser?

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In the early 1990s, a new generation took the canvas of comedians, most notably certainly Jim Carrey, who as &# 8220; Ace Ventura&# 8221; celebrated a surprise success. Also trained as a classical actor Brendan Fraser began his career as an actor relatively zotiger comedies like &Encino; # 8220&# 8221; dating back to 1992, but tried again and again to serious character representations. However, his final breakthrough came again in a comic role. In 1997, born in Indianapolis Brendan Fraser landed with  &# 8220; George &# 8211; He came out of the jungle&# 8221; its largest ever box office hit. Over $ 100 million, the film played by Sam Weisman and the actor embodied a kind of modern Tarzan, the one with the practices of Western civilization has to deal sat down in San Francisco. (Source: Box Office Mojo)

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The reward for his box office success as a comedian followed with the blockbuster &# 8220; The Mummy&# 8221 ;, in Brandon Fraser as adventurer Rick O&8217; Connell in Egypt in the 1920s aroused a mummy to life. The remake of the eponymous horror film with Boris Karloff in 1932 put less on terror and rather made use of models such as the &# 8220; Indiana Jones&Series; #. 8221 Lighter fare so that was well received by the audience and pulled two more sequels.6689The Mummy - Trailer GermanIn the 2000s, the career of Brendan Fraser ran relatively well. Although he did not rise to the really big league of A-actors in Hollywood, yet he could rely on his adventure franchise. The sequel to &# 8220; The Mummy&# 8221; played together until 2008 more than 300 million dollars (Source: Box Office Mojo), and the good man could afford it, to appear in less elaborate productions as a character actor. Films like the melodrama &# 8220; The Air I Breathe &# 8211; the power of destiny&# 8221; While running almost entirely behind closed doors, but offered the actor the opportunity to demonstrate his skills. In addition to a role in the Oscar-winning drama &# 8220; Crash&# 8221; Brendan Fraser touched many &Scrubs; # 8220&# 8221;-Fans to tears when he between 2002 and 2004 in the popular comedy doctors the cancer-stricken brother of consuming some Dr. Cox embodied.

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What became of Brendan Fraser?

Ironically, the ambitious family drama &# 8220; exceptional situation&# 8221; with Harrison Ford meant 2,010 career-fold for Brendan Fraser. The film adaptation of a true story about a desperate father who fights for medical care of his seriously ill children, found no response from the audience and was spurned by most critics as pathetic. In subsequent years, the actor then had to settle for smaller roles, such as in the independent drama &# 8220; Gimme Shelter&# 8221 ;. After larger films like &# 8220; Gangster Chronicles&# 8221; &# 8211; after all, with Paul Walker and Elijah Wood &# 8211; flopped, Brendan Fraser enjoyed some success at least as a speaker. He lent among other astronaut Scorch in Animation &# 8220; Nothing like away &# 8211; from planet Earth&# 8221; his voice.

© SonyCharacter role in a smaller indie film: Brendan Fraser in &# 8220; Gimme Shelter&# 8221; © Sony

Brendan Fraser creates a comeback by a further &# 8220; The Mummy&# 8221; film?

There was in recent years have been rumors about a possible fourth part of &# 8220; The Mummy&Franchise; #. 8221 Meanwhile, it was announced that the leaders of Universal I mean really on a &# 8220; The Mummy&# 8221; project work, but these are re-remake of the horror film of 1932 and not to another part of the series starring Brendan Fraser, who will not play in the upcoming film. The actor said nothing already in some interviews and thus takes all Rick O&8217; Connell fans the wind out of the dusty sailing. (Source: Radio Times). Idly of the mime at the moment is not, however. He plays in the historic western series &# 8220; Texas Rising&# 8221; by director Roland Joffé alongside Bill Paxton a Texas Ranger. Right now, the 10 episodes of the miniseries will be broadcast in the US on the History Channel. We wish to take this opportunity good ratings and hope to get Brendan Fraser on the big movie screen soon to face.

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