Create YouTube channel image: The right size and Tips

You have an own channel on YouTube and still requires the appropriate visual presentation for the channel takes off completely viral? Then you need a hot groovy YouTube channel image.

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Find out here that needs her for the cover, which correct dimensions are used and what should be considered. The channel image can be seen on all platforms on which YouTube is running, so to see both on the PC, as well as smart phone, tablet, etc..

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Create YouTube channel image: On the Size matters

youtube-my-channelAn optimally selected YouTube channel image will ensure that your visitors get already at first glance something for the eye. With the right choice Cover it also can provide a proper recognition for the YouTube Channel.

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Do you want to change the YouTube channel image, you have to log in you with the Google+ profile is connected to which the channel. now opens the settings for your channel and click on the default image, which is set after creating the channel. Now the option choose "Personalize edit". Now you can an already-built YouTube channel image Select from the hard drive and upload it.

  1. Log into YouTube Channel
  2. "Add channel art" Select
  3. Upload your own image or use Photo Gallery
  4. consider preview and customize cutout
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The correct dimensions for the YouTube channel image

Invite her a picture from the hard drive high, this should be the dimensions 2560 x 1440 pixels have. Google itself offers a template that can serve as a template for your YouTube channel image. The size is optimized for viewing on retina displays.

Download Channel Template*

In other types of screens the image is scaled and displayed smaller. The template also includes getting to your visitors displayed on smart phones and smaller screens, the viewing area. Also, tablet users do not get shown the entire channel image, but only a smaller, scaled image. The following values ​​are selected for the cover picture on YouTube on the various platforms for the display:

  • Desktop: 2560 x 423 pixels (1546 x 423 pixels certainly visible, each 507 pixels to the left and right flexible)
  • Smart TV: maximum size of 2560 x 1440 pixels
  • Smartphones: Depending on screen size
  • Tablet: 1855 x 423 pixels


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