BASE Cloud: What’s this?

Closes her a mobile phone contract with E-Plus subsidiary supplier "BASE" from, often the words "5 GB BASE Cloud" is reflected in the plan details. But where it is in the BASE Cloud? And can the cloud to keep up with the services of other providers?

BASE Cloud: What's this?

In the BASE Cloud is an online store that you can use for storing your own files.

Cloud storage at BASE*

769BASE Cloud

BASE Cloud application and download the app

So can you z. As the go access via the smartphone on your images or documents without an external FBASE Cloud: What's this?to have to carry estplatte. Also contacts can be stored in the cloud. Is that smart phone once lost, the private data are not irretrievably lost, but can be accessed via the BASE cloud again. Even if a device you can change easily on your old files from the cloud to access.


The BASE Cloud offers you this:

  • store personal data online in order to be able to go to access it and to protect the internal phone memory
  • Permanent access to any location on your data
  • Data synchronization between PC and Smartphone
  • Data Recovery for lost or stolen cell phone
  • share files with friends in social networks
  • Of course you can online dropped files also easy to remove from the BASE Cloud.

BASE Cloud online storage of mobile operator

BASE has launched the offer of his own cloud in April, 2013. Depending on the wireless service plan are between 3 GB and 10 GB of storage available online. The BASE cloud can be used from Android 2.3 and iOS 7.x. In order to access the data from the cloud, you need the appropriate app for iPhone or Android.

BASE ClouddownloadQR codeBASE CloudDeveloper: Telefónica Germany GmbH & Co. OHGPrice: Free BASE Cloud (AppStore link)QR codeBASE Cloud&# 124; Price: FreeApp Store*


  • After installation, you have to register yourself with the BASE-access data in the app.
  • Alternatively, you can access through the browser to the BASE-Cloud.
  • To register, the phone number, password, and an e-mail address is required.

About the Cloud App you can the online storage stored images, PDF documents, music and videos directly retrieve. Note that you angebt in settings that new files to be uploaded to the cloud only via Wi-Fi to avoid an unnecessary burden on your mobile data volume.


Alternatives to BASE Cloud is about Dropbox or Google Drive.

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