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On the web we are not anonymous. We leave a continuous track, which can be up to us to trace. But sometimes you just want to hide well, very briefly. To this end, there are Anonymizer.

This term can perhaps best with &Anonymizer; # 8220&# 8221; to be translated. These are usually around websites that allow us to cover a small diversion of who we really are. see the web sites visited, the unknown IP address of a server and not the address of our provider. So already at the point the persecution ends. Some of these Anonymizer also go further and hide all telltale clues to the browser used or the screen resolution.

travel with a Anonymizer undetected through the Internet

The Anonymizer usually work so that you enter as a user on a web page, which URL to load. Then this request is forwarded to a server of the company, which in turn calls the address. All traffic back and forth so it runs on this server, and almost certainly they will also be saved. Whoever therefore considered to use one of these services for illegal actions, which should to think hard. If in doubt, no supplier will take the risk to take the rap for its users. So who uses such services is not one hundred percent anonymous. You can use this to post a flippant comment in any book. But from any unlawful statements should refrain.

If we use one of these Anonymizer, then the provider will also have some of it, of course. Finally, he has to pay at least one website and the server or servers. So we have to resign ourselves to having to endure advertising. This appears generally above the displayed page and is no longer visible after some scrolling.

Technically, the Anonymizer are quite clever. They trick the website visited a different IP before and sometimes a different browser. The entire page is displayed such rewritten in the source code that all links are also redirected to the page via the anonymizer. So you will not leave the protection as long as one is always moving in the same browser window.

What Anonymizer are recommended?

Most of these services are different minimal at best. Different they are, at best, in quantity and type of superimposed advertising and of course the connection speed. Because in general we must always bear in mind one thing: the simultaneous requests and loads of many users are routed through one or a few servers. Since there are sometimes shortages, which lower the loading performance.

Tip # 1: Anonymouse