Android: Delete learned words – if the phone makes more mistakes than you

The Android AutoCorrect is trainable. Therefore, it is not a guarantee that her via SMS, WhatsApp or other on the keyboard written texts always use the right words, much can install because no spelling errors. Because what if the AutoCorrect has learned a word of you wrong? How to become the then rid of it? We show you in our guide. How to delete learned words.

Android: Delete learned words - if the phone makes more mistakes than you

Assuming you use the auto-complete or auto-correction of Android not particularly active and let you to write anfangt her correct the adaptive dictionary on your smartphone or tablet, or write out words, it can sometimes happen that Android is learning words wrong. How can remove their learned words, we tell you in the instructions.

Android: delete false learned words

You write in SMS or WhatsApp quick little message, and already you have lowercase nouns in your dictionary, words with special characters that lack the high spots or, or, or. Android can sometimes faster than you want, what you then writes wrong. but such autosave words can be deleted again.

make your own mistakes undo and delete learned words

Have you written a new word has been added to the Android dictionary and you &# 8211; if obvious mistakes in spelling or meaningfulness &# 8211; want to remove, you can simply remove this again in the writing program of your choice.

This is only a long click on the proposed &# 8211; false &# 8211; Word necessary for you Android invokes a dialog box where you can select whether you want to remove the word.

android learned words löschen_goil

delete Android Dictionary

In the event that bothers you, what words are displayed on your input first, you can pre-installed dictionary of Android simply delete and gradually replenish through their own inputs. For this, you visit a bit awkward to the corresponding option:

  1. Opens the settings of your Android device
  2. Climb to the Options tab and opens the application Manager
  3. Selected here to display the tab design and scroll to the app Samsung keypad
  4. Click here now to Settings
  5. selects clicks OCR long and delete personalized data
  6. now even clears the cache and restart the device

Also helpful for Android AutoCorrect:

  • So you can disable the auto-correction on Android

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