WhatsApp: Save State files – so you go

If you see pictures in the status of contacts who want to keep it, you can save it. We show how it works, as there are for any given setting.

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  •  Send Status: WhatsApp & disable update messages

If someone has updated its status in WhatsApp, you contact the WhatsApp tab status. You can then tap the contact. When the contact of one or several images uploaded, you now see the images in a slide show. Each image will be displayed for about 3 seconds.

Although the storing status images is not provided, but it works anyway with a trick.Although the storing status images is not provided, but it works anyway with a trick.

You can tap on the image (and hold) to longer see it and possibly read text on it alone. But how can you save the images if they liked one?

  • Add WhatsApp profile Images
Start Photogallery(5 pictures)recall WhatsApp message: Instructions

WhatsApp: store status images

  • WhatsApp, unlike profile pictures integrated no option to save status images. During a status image is displayed, you can among the three points above right turn only the status mute. There is no storage option available.
  • But you can a make screenshot of the screen, if the image is currently visible.
  • Expresses this same time the volume down button and the Power button on the smartphone. See also the instructions Android: create screenshot.

Under certain circumstances, the Time too short, to create a screen before the image automatically changes. Then you have a &# 8220;monkey grip&# 8221; apply:

So you created a screenshot of the displayed status screen.So you created a screenshot of the displayed status screen.
  1. The smartphone is held in the left hand.
  2. Hold down on the display left index finger of his left hand when the right image is displayed.
  3. With the left thumb of the left hand you hold down the volume down button. With the thumb of the right hand, you hold down the power button and supports the smartphone.

Note: Depending on where and how the buttons are located on your smartphone, the handle is slightly different and is harder or easier under certain circumstances. In addition, the quality of the screenshots is also largely dependent on the display resolution of your smartphone.

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