OS X 11.10 El Capitan is here! Download and install, so you go

Just Apple OS X El Capitan published. We can take advantage of the new operating system on older Macs and MacBooks. Here, the information to download and install OS X 10.11 El Capitan.

(Who does not know what's new or just want to bridge the waiting time of the download, our video introduction to El Capitan look at ūüôā

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First, we need to clarify whether OS X can be 11/10 ever installed on our Mac. An easy task: On all machines running OS X Yosemite is running on the works, the new version - see OS X 10.11 El Capitan: Compatibility and system requirements. 

On backup should be left out under any circumstances - thanks to Time Machine and favorable external hard drives *OS X 11.10 El Capitan is here! Download and install, so you go is yes, but not a problem. In this context, we might as well clean up something on the Mac. We also need a Apple ID.

Additional advice we give in the article "Mac OS X El Capitan prepare".

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Free mobile OS X 11.10 El Capitan

As OS X Mavericks and OS X Yosemite Apple distributed the new system for free from the Mac App Store. Here is the download link for OS X El Capitan: 

The app was not found in the store.

The download file is more than 6 gigabytes in size. A good Internet connection is so useful - other sales channels, Apple has set long ago. Do not be surprised when downloading very tough running today or tomorrow, say, takes a long time or even break off times. Apple's servers are running at full speed because of a great rush ... Any issues So should not be sought in the domestic network.

Who has two computers and only one would be able to download, are best created a bootable USB stick. An updated guide we ready tomorrow, because currently the necessary tools are not yet available.

Install OS X 10.11

After downloading OS X 11.10 El Capitan installation follows - normally come here no questions. The installation process should start automatically, otherwise we have the downloaded file (see Applications folder or downloads) click. The license agreement must be accepted to be the boot volume is selected and confirmed with the administrator password for the Mac.

Then first is a longer waiting period follow until the system automatically restarts.

In the process of setting up OS X asks for privacy setting (place), Apple ID, iCloud and more. On request, we can not assume at this point data of another computer - or retain existing ones.

After successful installation of OS X or other shock could come second in which: namely if no data you can see. This occurred at least last year with OS X Yosemite. In such a case it is, log off and log on again with the previous user account. Everything is back there.

Have fun with OS X El Capitan!

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