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The final document should always save before sending a PDF file so that later no one herumfuscht to your work. No matter whether it is an application, thesis or simply a flyer. it is nowadays with almost all word processing programs you are able luckily to convert a file to PDF or save it as a PDF file. In this guide we show you how it is with Microsoft Office, LibreOffice, OpenOffice and also just works in the browser.

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convert files to PDF - Microsoft Office

From Microsoft Office 2007 makes it easy, or similar documents, spreadsheets Word, Excel & Co. save as PDF. Just go for it as follows:

  1. Starts a Microsoft Office application and open the document you want.
  2. Click on the tab file or the Office button (top left), and then click Save As&# 8230;
  3. now selects the location and name for the file.
  4. Selects the drop-down menu now the PDF file format and clicks on the button Save.

Save Microsoft Office Word file as a PDF

File Export as PDF &# 8211; LibreOffice & OpenOffice

Even with the popular, free alternative to Microsoft Office suite of LibreOffice and OpenOffice, it is easily possible to save files as PDF. Here, the PDF production under both freeware programs is very similar. Proceed as follows to save with Libre- or OpenOffice PDF:

  1. Opens LibreOffice or OpenOffice and the desired document which want to export it as a PDF.
  2. Now click on the file (top left) and then click Export as PDF&# 8230;
    File as PDF convert LibreOffice PDF export
  3. Then the PDF options where their quality, presentation, passwords and much more you can adjust if you want to appear.
  4. Click then click the Export button.
    LibreOffice PDF options
  5. Now choose the location and name and click on the button Save.
    LibreOffice memory menu

 convert files in the browser in PDF

Who or not Office program to hand a document would quickly transform the smartphone into a PDF, this can also be easily done through the browser. There are many operators that can convert a wide variety of document and image files to PDF nowadays.

Note: The actual file is uploaded to a private server and converted. If your data security is dear to you and may very personal things in the document are present, you should consider yourself twice to take such services.

We recommend the smallpdf the side which can not only convert various file formats to PDF, but separate, among other things euere PDF pages, PDF documents with a password and also PDF files can be the other way around convert different document and image files. To convert files in the browser to PDF files, it does the following:

  1. Saves the file in a typical Word-media formats (.doc, .docx)
  2. Open your browser and opens smallpdf.
  3. Click on the tab, and then click Convert Word to PDF
  4. Now put on your file via drag and drop them into the browser window or use the Dropbox or Google Drive link to select your document.
  5. The file is then uploaded and converted. This process may take some time, depending on the file size and internet speed.
  6. When the file is converted to PDF, you can download it or via the download button on your device optionally also put in euerem cloud storage.

smallpdf file to PDF convert browsersImage Sources: Adobe

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