SwiftKey: Android keyboard with intelligent AutoCorrect

SwiftKey is one of the most popular alternative keyboards for Android and iOS. The software keyboard provides it a very accurate word recognition, a sophisticated algorithm proposal and is also constantly evolving. Currently exists, the sixth version of the app with Swiftkey 6th

1503SwiftKey 6 (Trailer) - Android & iOS

Actually knows everyone: the inaccurate suggestions and Verschlimmbesserungen Car Corrects of Android and iOS. Every now and then, the automatic corrections even be very funny, but at the wrong time or the wrong recipient, they can also quickly lead to stress and unnecessary excitement.

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SwiftKey - personalized prediction


SwiftKey_6_AutokorrekturThe extremely intelligent word recognition and prediction of Swiftkey has already brought more than 50 million Android users to install an app that you actually not at all required &# 8211; after all, a keyboard app is pre-installed on any Android and iOS device.

By word recognition and prediction you can much more quickly and efficiently write exactly what you vorhattet. Here SwiftKey learns from your writing behavior and suggests you gradually with ever more specific, what words do you use how and when. And yes: This works shockingly good! How well this proposal algorithm, you can also see the fact that he was worth Microsoft 250 million US dollars. In February 2016, the speech Monder software giant has in fact taken SwiftKey for this sum, and not even because of the keyboard app.

SwiftKey flow &# 8211; Tap, swipe, both?

SwiftKey_6_FlowWith SwiftKey Flow input method from version 4 was radically expanded. You can no longer just tap, but also words &# 8220; Wipe in&# 8221 ;. You want to use both at once? No problem, because you can always tap or swipe to write.

But that's not all: The intelligent word recognition allows space technology in connection with the so-called flow-through that you can separate them by a wiping over the space bar when writing with swiping the words simple. This allows you a notation, in which you have to remove from display the finger never.

SwiftKey &# 8211; individualize

SwiftKey can individualize strong. You can choose from a wide range of colors and designs, which are partly charged. For this, the app itself is free of charge since mid-2014 in the Play Store and App Store.

Those who have already tried the free app, yet not entirely convinced a look at the following articles may address, in which we present some of the best Android keyboard apps: Android keyboards &# 8211; The best keyboard apps in the launcher.

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