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Sonos introduces his first voice-controlled Speaker: The sound is convincing in the test of Sonos One, but the integration of Alexa has a few weaknesses.

Test: With Sonos One Alexa sounds as good as everSource: GIGA

our judgment

The Sonos One offers excellent sound, a chic design, so supports pretty much every streaming service and integrated with Alexa and soon Google Assistant two language assistants. At first glance, the speaker seems to be the perfect choice for friends of Amazon's Echo devices who want to have good sound. But just in Alexa Sonos needed rectifying. It is felt even in test mode: Many features are not yet supported, such as the reading of the Daily News. However, Sonos announced that it will distribute an update already this year to improve Alexa.The three most important questions about Alexa on the Sonos One:
Can the Sonos One convince as a replacement for Amazon's Echo?
None as yet. Alexa is not yet fully mature on the Sonos One. She reads the weather report before you, answer trivia questions, controls smart home appliances and also mastered some skills Alexa, but the full extent it does not yet offer.
How good are the mics?
Slightly worse than in the echo. Man must speak louder so the Sonos speakers responding. Here, however, the manufacturer could improve the sensitivity of the microphones through an update.
What can on Amazon's Alexa echo devices, what they can not on the Sonos One?
The new call feature of Amazon is not supported by Sonos One. No daily summary can be played. The voice control currently only works with the music service Amazon Music and TuneIn. But Spotify, Apple Music, Deezer and all other major streaming services can be easily controlled via the app. The voice control of Spotify will work from 21 December 2017th With further updates from Sonos, which will be distributed this year, and the amount of Alexa functions will grow.

Sonos One in review: Rating


  • Sound: 90 percent
  • Language assistance: 60 percent
  • Music offer: 100 percent
  • Design: 90 percent

Total: 86 percent (The sound is 50 percent of the total score)

SonosOne, speakers, Alexa, multiroom, comparedThe Sonos One size comparison with the Google pixel 2 XL. Source: GIGA

We liked

  • Sound quality: Despite all the smart voice assistant, the sound stays with a speaker, the most important thing. The first song, Michael Jacksons Billie Jean, blows me away. So detailed, so bulky so brilliant. The sound from this small box is impressive. But quiet acoustic songs ballernde hip-hop hooks and gentle classical titles dominated the speakers.
  • mix: The sound focuses on the mids and highs. While bass is there, but especially for electric instruments rather soft. Does the listening, however, not diminish, because all objective criteria: What matters is that it's fun to listen to music - whether pop, hip-hop, electro or classical music - and here the Sonos One is a master. It creates the balance between too dominant downs, as we know from Beats headphones, and exaggerated centers, how frequently it nachsagt competition from Bose.
  • Design: A small box with a matt surface in white or black. Even the play: one looked good, the one we like even a bit better - especially in white.
  • Processing: Nothing rattles, nothing is booming, nothing wobbles. The speaker is high quality and acts with its weight of 1.85 kilograms already unpacked very valuable.
  • True Play: The automatic calibration of the room promises better sound quality in which it analyzes the room size, floor plan, equipment and the position of the speaker. Our result in the test: True play is not a function of the Marketing Department of Sonos, but also brings significant benefits. You should definitely try it try. 
  • Smart home control: Since one can link the Sonos One with its Alexa account, the One recognizes all saved lamps, switches and sockets, also knows Alexa. The control of Philips Hue bulbs worked in the test without any problems.
  • Multiroom function: Who owns several devices, it can control your home from every room and play music in only one or in all the rooms simultaneously.
SonosOne, speakers, Alexa, multiroomOn the top are the controls and a button to activate the microphones. Source: GIGA

We thought that was not so good

  • Alexa integration: So very enthusiastic speaker at the sound, so fast the disillusionment comes with Alexa: The voice control feels as currently still in beta testing stage on. This is generally not bad, but all buyers who have been waiting for Alexa function are disappointed at first. Spotify control over language? Should only be possible later this year. Play the daily digest? Should only be possible later this year. activate skills? Should work in principle, but worked in the test is not always. The six microphones at the top also react not as reliable as in the echo instruments and if Alexa has no answer, or did not understand the command, it is silent and lets the user easily back without a clue. The Amazon has a better solution.
  • Facility: Without Alexa setting up is a breeze. However, with the language assistant, it becomes a lengthy ordeal. Although the own Sonos app guides you step by step through the installation, but four different account links are necessary. The app guides first to Amazon, then to own Sonos account, then Spotify and finally to Alexa app on. If you do not have at hand the apps on your phone or his password and user name immediately, the device can ever take 20-30 minutes. Plug and play is in any case different.
SonosOne, speakers, Alexa, multiroom, Front3The white model like very much. but the Sonos One is also available in black. Source: GIGA

Good to know

  • Google Assistant will be available on the Sonos One from 2018 and will be released via an update.
  • you can adjust the volume, skip to the next track and turn the microphone on and off via the touch controls on the top.
  • With AirPlay two iPhone users can from 2018 any audio input - transferred to the speaker - such as YouTube videos and Netflix movies.
  • The Sonos One offers no Bluetooth.

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