Delete e-mail address – Here’s how

If you want to delete your e-mail address, we will show you here how to do it - regardless of whether Gmail, Yahoo, GMX,, Hotmail, or others. In addition, you learn how you can delete an e-mail account in Thunderbird or Outlook.

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You can delete your e-mail address, for example, if you want to have a new address or the old gets too much spam.

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Delete e-mail address

The procedure to delete an e-mail address is usually the same:

  1. Your log you an on the web page whose e-mail service uses her.
  2. Often you recognize this in what comes after the @ sign your e-mail address. If you have about [email protected], then you are in e-mail provider, and so on.
  3. As a login uses her your e-mail address and the corresponding password.
  4. Then you open the settings in your account and look for the entry to delete the account.
  5. Often an entry does not find that. Then you have to enter contact and manually delete the e-mail address in order to support.

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Here are the specific procedures for each e-mail provider with which you can delete it your account:

  • Delete Gmail account &# 8211; so is&# 8217; s step by step
  • Delete Yahoo Account &# 8211; quickly, step by step
  • GMX account Delete: Guidance on the cancellation of the account
  • Delete account
  • Delete Hotmail account &# 8211; Step-by-Step Guide
  • Delete Microsoft account: So it goes on Xbox, Lumia and finally

If you want you create an e-mail account with another provider and the server settings required: e-mail server: IMAP & POP3 settings for, GMX, Gmail & Co.

Delete e-mail account (Thunderbird, Outlook)

In addition to your actual e-mail address at the provider you can also the associated e-mail account in your e-mail client to delete (eg Thunderbird, Outlook). An e-mail client is a program that accesses these accounts online and displays them within a software window, which is usually much more convenient. Outlook way, there is one online as a browser version and once as a program.

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If you delete the e-mail accounts stored only the e-mail clients, there are your actual accounts at the respective provider but still. The other way around: If you your mail accounts clears the provider, your e-mail client can not access it and will issue an error message at the next login attempt.

Here you learn, how you get your e-mail accounts removed from the client:

  • Outlook: Delete the account - goes like this&# 8217; s in 2013, 2010 & Co.
  • Thunderbird: Delete the account - goes like this&# 8217; s

If you want to undo the deletion: Restore Deleted E-mail account - Here&# 8217; s on Google, Outlook and Thunderbird.


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