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Shūhei "Shu" Yoshida, president of SCE Worldwide Studios, confirmed in 2013 that the PS4 can provide fun even without Internet. But never gamble with a PlayStation 4 without internet at all fun? What the console needs the Internet?

PS4 without Internet: Unclouded game?

PS4 without Internet: Is internet mandatory?

Many gamers are wondering if a PS4 without Internet is playable. The good news: For console fans, it has been no requirement to have an internet connection.

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To set up an Internet connection is necessary, in principle, the PS4 update can load it from the PC. The PlayStation 4 is indeed equipped with integrated 802.11 b / g / n Wi-Fi for wireless Internet connection as well as the PS4 is functional without day-one update - except for a few "little things":

  • Not only for the PlayStation Network or multiplayer games you should have Internet access.
  • Internet is necessary for the update of the Blu-ray drive for movie playback from Blu-Ray or DVD or streaming to handheld PS Vita version. This update 1:50 comprises at least 300 MB and also allows devices like iPhone, iPad or Android smartphones can be used as a second screen.
  • By pressing the Share button Dual Hocks screenshots can be created or you can record videos of your game success and share directly to Facebook or Twitter. Or one chooses the live broadcast via Ustream and Twitch.
  • Also, the multi-log in or gamble during downloads will be only possible with this update. So that you know coming games on the PlayStation 4 to full advantage, we have a video for you:

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PS4 Game patches are often not optional

For many games, the PS4 course, does not need an active Internet connection. However, a PS4 with integrated Wi-Fi is also important for the game quality and system performance in: Game patches of game companies provide such updates for the operating system for error-free playback. Therefore, it is advisable to check the game-buying, whether a day-one patch is necessary. For example, The Evil Within came with a permanently low frame rate and jerky sequences and was unpatched state rather an impertinence. Patches are useful for bug fixes in the PlayStation 4 games, in general, manufacturers would rather that customers download the games and offer demos and special offers for download. If you already have refrigerators Internet connections, you should not let his PlayStation 4 on dry land.

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Metal Gear Solid 5: The Phantom PainThe December update of Metal Gear Solid 5: The Phantom Pain brought new FOB options.

Is a PS4 without Internet recommended?

Many games can be offline gamble on the PS4 course, if you can do without multiplayer via the Internet. There are also free-to-play games such as War Thunder, where the user does not need to have no fear of costs through the PS Plus membership. It is rather cumbersome to load firmware on the PC and transfer the data. We recommend the PS4 to online games to use and only strike when PS4 offer if you want to connect to the Internet.

Detail of War ThunderDetail of War Thunder, which is financed by in-game currency.

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