Pokémon: The secret to Ash’s father appears to have finally revealed

Have you ever wondered who is the father of Ash from the Pokémon anime? Finally, we know that his mother Delia is from his father, however, is never mentioned. A website now brought light into the darkness - and reveals the shocking truth.

What you need to know about the newest Pokémon generation sun and moon, we have you summarized in this video:

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The theory of nowloading.co is that none other than Ash's mentor Professor Oak is also the same time his father or at least stepfather. which is not only due to the fact that Professor Oak and Delia Ketchum, the mother of Ash, constantly appear together in the Pokémon anime show (more on that later). The names give an indication that the two are almost already like made for each other.

Nowloading.co argues that the name Samuel (Professor Oak first name) and Delia have undeniable parallels to the biblical pair Samson and Delilah. these notes in the latest Pokémon generation sun and moon, is inserted into the Samson Eich, Professor Oak cousin from the Alola region become more apparent. And Ash's name gives a clue to his descent from Professor Oak. So Ash's first name means in English ash, so he also has a tree-type in the name. An indication of his parents, the (so far) did not want to confront the hard truth of it?


But now to the even greater evidence that Delia and Professor Oak have something up and running: No matter when Professor Oak appears in the series, always is Ash's mother at his side! Of course it may be that the makers wanted to devote scarce despite the duration of episodes two characters enough time on the screen. Something suspicious but that is already:



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Even Ash is the behavior of the two lovebirds appear suspicious or surprising, at least about what has to look for his mother at Professor Oak:




Source: ash-ofpallet (Tumblr)

There is even an episode in which Professor Oak and Delia are together on the beach. Let's face it: What woman would ever go out with a single good friend to the beach when they are not really something he would want? To see the two are from about 10:00 in the embedded video below. Once again it's Ash who wonders about the joint appearance of the two characters. However, Professor Oak promises to explain "later" everything. When this will be "later", but he did not reveal.

That is not something going on between Professor Oak and Delilah about recently, but calibration could actually be Ash's father, it has this way here:


So in the film Pokémon 3: betray the Vampire Unown that Delia was once together with Spencer Hale, researchers from the city of Greenfield, a student of Professor Oak. As Hale by now otherwise has family that could mean that Delia has built up at this time a close relationship with Professor Oak, as it is common between students and teachers? And has resulted from this rather proscribed relationship Ash?

In the broadcast at least Ash's father is mentioned only once in passing, as Delia says to Ash, his father would be so proud of him if he would see him as a coach. But why he is not here? That will probably remain a mystery. As well as the possible relationship between Professor Oak and Delia.

This raises retro feelings in order: the first season Pokémon*

Whether the rumors that Delia and Professor Oak are a couple will ever confirm, is uncertain. Maybe that's better that way, it would make for Ash uncle from about the same old Garry. And that would be very funny!

What do you think about the suggestion that Professor Oak and Delia are together and Ash perhaps even his son? Is that realistic for you, or do you think rather that the two just good friends?

Source: nowloading.co


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